An eye-catching mural or backsplash can provide the kitchen a much needed focal point.

An eye-catching mural or backsplash can provide the kitchen a much needed focal point. A mural or backsplash can give the kitchen a focal point, and while every kitchen needs a focal point.

Kitchen Backsplash as Focal Point

It can be a rather hard to nail down a focal point in a kitchen that might have some large or impressive appliances in it. Therefore having a good eye-catching kitchen backsplash that is made up of exotic pieces, murals, mosaics, even tile cork or tin, can really help to make the most of the unique and one-of-a-kind design potential in any kitchen design.

Kitchen Design Planning for Backsplashes

There are countless kitchen backsplash ideas, but to be able to come up with a good backsplash design requires some planning. A style must be found that will match the existing kitchen, or selecting a color to make a bold difference.

Locating a perfect and suitable kitchen design that would make the kitchen design even more unique can seem like a difficult task, especially when it comes to choosing a design, materials, and color scheme.

Unique Kitchen Backspash Touches

Some small touches can to make a big difference to creating this unique kitchen design. By adding impressive, artistic, beautiful murals and accents to the area above the sink or stove, this can help the kitchen gain a whole new look and feel.

A kitchen backsplash is second only to kitchen countertops when it come to creating good kitchen design. A kitchen backsplash can also be highly decorative and functional

The following materials represent a few of the more common kitchen backsplash materials:

  • Ceramic tile – is long considered the best material for kitchen backsplashes due to the fact that it is durable, easy to clean, colorful and can add texture to an otherwise dull, flat boring wall space. Ceramic tile is probably the oldest material known to kitchen backsplash designs. Ceramic or porcelain tiles can vary in size, shape, color, and finish. Today there are so many new tile colors, patterns, styles and textures to choose from, and are also perfect for use in the areas directly behind a kitchen sink and cooktop area.
  • Natural stone tiles – marble and granite represent the most popular natural stones for kitchen backsplashes, and tend to provide a softer look. Other kinds of unglazed natural stone tiles can help create a somewhat ‘raw’ look. This can provide a more unique contrast against the more modern styles and appliances that are seen in kitchens today.
  • Glass tiles – this type of tile material is good for creating a kitchen backsplash that is easy to clean, as well as being more stain resistant and scratch free. Glass tiles also have an aesthetic appeal that can be hard to beat.
  • Metal tiles – these are the types of tiles that are typically used in country style kitchens. They are usually installed in one piece, making them easiest to clean, more sanitary, and more durable.Also unlike stone or ceramic tile, metal tiles will not chip, crack or stain. Since most kitchen appliances come with a brushed satin finish, the stainless steel tiles are available in the same type of brushed satin finish so it would be easy to match a metal tile backsplash with the appliances.


Adding a kitchen backsplash can be the best way to brighten up the look of any new or an existing kitchen in a relatively inexpensive way. To create a truly unique kitchen design it is necessary to develop a focal point for the kitchen.