15 Amazing ideas that will help you have your home organized


Usually there comes a time when you do not know how, but you already have so many things and so little space available that suddenly your apartment is a disaster and it is necessary to reorganize everything, even if you are not sure where to start.

Here are some ideas to optimize the space in your home and give new life to objects that you might have thought of throwing away.

1. An original candlestick made with PVC pipe

2. Recycle cardboard tubes to store pens, pencils and brushes

3. An original coat rack made with screwdrivers mounted on wood

4. A multi-purpose wall drawer in which everything can be accommodated

5. An old suitcase comes to life as a mini bar

6. Another way to organize bracelets

7. File cabinets attached to the wall

8. With an old frame and a metal mesh you can make a beautiful earring and necklaces

9. To accommodate the books you only need a couple of ladders and tables

10. Beauty and hygiene implements can be accommodated in glass cups adapted to a wooden base

11. No more loose wires with a few clips placed on the edge of a table or desk

12. An alternative to the traditional bedside table

13. Again an old frame can be reused to hang photographs and cards

14. Tables with tweezers work as desk organizers

15. To optimize vertical spaces, an old staircase becomes an original shoemaker


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