25 Delicious and beautiful wedding cakes


Gone are the days when we saw white wedding cakes. Recently wedding cakes are created with some kind of theme that impacts all guests.

Some have colors that are really incredible that make you want to keep them forever, others have hand-painted designs and surprisingly up to edible pieces of gold.

If you are about to get married and want to have a wedding cake that your guests can talk about for a long time, check out these 25 most spectacular wedding cakes.

1. A beautiful cake with a hidden surprise

White wedding cake and back like superheroes

2. This cute cake shows that you don’t need more layers to be delicious

Wedding cake without bitumen but with fresh strawberries and flowers

3. This spectacular cake representing a geode

Wedding cake with a slot in the middle

4. A cake with pink cherry gradients

Wedding cake in pink until icing

5. Perfect for an autumn wedding

Wedding cake with a branch in the middle

6. This lilac cake represents total elegance

Pink Wedding Cake

7. The watercolor technique in this cake is phenomenal

Ode cake in purple with figures in gold, purple and blue

8. A totally romantic cake

Wedding cake in white with black flowers with rose

9. Surprisingly minimalist

Silver wedding cake with a pink flower

10. A special cake for travel lovers

Wedding cake with a golden map on one of the floors

11. An elegant cake with black accents

White, black and gold wedding cake with baby pink flowers

12. This delicious cake has a romantic inspiration

Wedding cake in blue and violet flowers

13. An elegant and unique cake

Wedding cake in white with colorful flowers

14. Some origami details made with sugar

White wedding cake with colored heart rhombuses

15. An impressive cake representing a swan

Wedding cake in white as if it were a swan

16. Nothing better to catch your dreams

Wedding cake in white with dreams catches in gold with feathers

17. A perfect sugar embroidery

Wedding cake in white with pink spots

18. Totally vintage

Vintage style wedding cake

19. Butterflies and black bun are the perfect touch of delicacy

White wedding cake with a black bow and red butterflies

20. A sweet and glamorous cake

Wedding cake in white with black and pink flowers

21. The petals of this cake will make you fall in love

Wedding cake with falling rose petals

22. A delicious rainbow of flavors

Cake of different colors with a pink flower on the tip

23. Geometric details made of gold

Wedding cake in blue with white and paint of different colors with golden rhombuses on the top

24. Sometimes simple is the most beautiful

Wedding cake in white with blue and white flowers on the tip

25. Totally sophisticated

White wedding cake with icing and brown flowers

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