Air Conditioner Maintenance: 4 Things You Should Know About It


As air conditioners are one of the most expensive home appliances to buy, it’s important that you take care of them. Without air conditioning in the summer, life is miserable and your air conditioner can break down at any time. There are four things that you should know about air conditioner maintenance so you know how to keep yours running smoothly!

Routine Check-ups Are Necessary 

Whether you like it or not, it’s essential that an expert looks into your air conditioner every once in a while in order to make sure everything’s fine and to avoid larger repairs in the future. You should read more to learn how these check-ups are done and what they should include. It will also give you insight into what makes them so important. 

Routine check-ups are the best way to monitor your AC’s condition and performance, as well as prevent bigger issues from arising. Make sure you ask for routine maintenance checks at least once a year if not more than that, or whenever it seems like something is off with your unit.

There aren’t any official guidelines regarding how often these inspections need to be done but every air conditioning company out there will have their own recommendations based on several factors such as climate or specific area where you live in etc., so make sure to talk about this with them. 

These checkups should be done every year at the least in order to make sure everything is still working fine, and prevent future damages or malfunctions. This includes things like checking your filters (and replacing them if they’re very dirty), changing the AC’s oil when necessary, cleaning coils on air conditioner units that have them, etc., basically any duties you could think of for routine check-ups are part of a routine inspection.

Cleaning An Air Conditioner 

You have to know how to properly clean an air conditioner. It’s not as hard to do as you think, but it does involve cleaning behind the unit and cleaning out where your filter goes. This would be a good time to clean your filters if they need cleaning or replacing.

Here are the steps towards cleaning it:

  • Take off the front grill. It’s either plastic or metal and slides away from the unit itself just like a refrigerator door does
  • Vacuum out any dirt, debris, anything that is in there 
  • Use your cleaning solution to clean behind it and also where your filters go (this will make more sense when you see them) 
  • If your filters are dirty, replace them. If they’re not, just spritz them with the cleaning solution and let them air dry 
  • Replace the grill and you’re done!

Take care of this at least once every year and check on it at least twice per month if you don’t use it often for cleaning purposes. If you need air conditioner maintenance performed then hire someone who knows what they’re doing. Don’t try cleaning an air conditioner if you aren’t sure how! You can be seriously injured by touching some things inside such as electrical wires or a fan so never try cleaning an air conditioner if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Watch Out For Debris In The Outdoor Unit

One of the most common causes of air conditioner malfunctions is a build-up of debris around the outdoor unit. This can be caused by anything from leaves and branches to snow and ice. Make sure to keep the area clear of any obstructions, and check for damage to the unit itself that could allow objects to enter. 

Debris can also cause your system to work harder, leading to decreased efficiency and higher energy bills. Regular maintenance will help keep your AC running smoothly all season long.

Debris can also cause your system to work harder, leading to decreased efficiency and higher energy bills. Regular maintenance will help keep your AC running smoothly all season long. 

Switch Out The Filter Regularly

You have to make sure your filter stays clean, as this is what allows your air conditioner to work properly. If the filter gets too dirty from dust and other debris, it will restrict airflow into your home or office, meaning that you’ll have a much harder time cooling yourself down.

The best way to ensure that your AC runs efficiently for years, even decades, is by switching out the filter regularly. This could be once every other month if you’re using an electronic air cleaner that traps particles electronically rather than with a physical barrier such as paper filters. You should change these monthly so they can continue catching all of those harmful contaminants in the air around us!

Your air conditioner should be the gateway towards a more comfortable life inside your home, but without routine check-ups, this is not possible. You’ll also need to learn how to clean it and always watch out for the debris coming from outside. Finally, change the filter once a month to ensure the HVAC system is serving its purpose!


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