Benefits of Installing HVLS Fans in Convention Halls


Installing HVLS fans in Convention halls offers a simple, energy-saving solution for air movement. They can be installed in any layout and size building, and can be used to reduce energy costs. Big Ass Solutions, which manufactures and sells comfort equipment, explains the benefits of installing this equipment.

Let us take a closer look at how they can benefit your facility. Read on for more information!

  • In addition to being energy-efficient, HVLS fans also produce less noise than other types of fans. These fans are particularly useful for large Convention halls and other venues. The noise levels from these fans are very low compared to those of conventional air conditioners. Additionally, the noise isn’t a problem for attendees because the noise isn’t as distracting as conventional models. Whether they are for commercial or industrial use, they are sure to make any event more enjoyable and productive.
  • Convention halls are a stressful environment. Because of the high volume of people, the HVAC system can become overloaded. This stale air is uncomfortable for standing-room-only crowds. Using HVLS fans in a Convention hall will pull warm air from the HVAC system. They will supplement the air conditioning system and reduce energy costs. When you are considering installation of an HVLS fan in your Convention hall, consider the advantages that this technology can offer.
  • Another advantage of using HVLS fans is that they can be a valuable addition to your overall strategy. Using them can decrease ductwork, installed air-conditioning capacity, and material usage. These savings will pay off in the long run. However, the benefits of a comfortable workplace can’t be quantified. A warm and pleasant atmosphere will make employees feel more productive and happy. It will also help you improve employee relations. Creating an environment where employees are safe and comfortable can only lead to improved employee relationships and productivity.
  • When you are installing HVLS fans, you are doing more than just cooling down the area. They can also increase the perceived temperature. This means that the amount of energy required to cool a room is reduced. This could lead to a significant saving in the long run. With energy costs lowered, HVLS fans in Convention halls could qualify for LEED certification. The cost of installation can also be very affordable for the space.
  • HVLS ceiling fans are an essential part of any convention hall. They can move huge volumes of air in a large space. Unlike traditional ceiling fans, they create less noise than HVAC equipment. They are also an effective way to de-stratify warm and humid air. They also help prevent draughts of hot air. Hence, the use of HVLS ceiling fans is essential for a Convention hall.
  • The most significant advantage of HVLS fans is their ability to produce a constant flow of air. They do this by mixing the air inside a space and providing complete air turnover. By ensuring optimal comfort, HVLS fans in Convention halls can boost employee productivity. They are a cost-effective option for many businesses and organizations. They also help to balance machines and products. The occupants of the Convention halls are more productive.
  • HVLS fans can be mounted on ceilings or placed on walls. They are a great option for large convention halls because they provide high air turnover rates and low noise. They also help HVAC systems by assisting them in achieving their goals of keeping a room comfortable. They can also help de-stratify warm air in a Convention hall. Adding HVLS fans to the ceiling will improve the air quality inside the hall.

The Bottom Line

Refresh Fans help you  install HVLS fans efficiently  in a Convention hall in order to reduce heat and humidity inside the space. Regardless of the size of the event, an HVLS fan can make a large difference in the air quality in the hall. Having a high-efficiency airflow in a Convention hall can improve the quality of the air for attendees, while reducing the need for additional HVAC equipment.

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