8 Best Places To Live In Texas


Are you planning to move out of your current home? Whether you’re a lifelong Texan or relocating from a different state, we’ve got you covered! This blog will shed light on the best places to live in Texas based on different factors.

Many people have been moving to Texas, enamored by the Lone Star State’s tax benefits, affordable housing, job opportunities, and beautiful landscapes. Dallas became America’s no.1 migration market in 2022, with more than 130k Americans moving into the city.

Offering a diverse array of bustling cities and tranquil towns, Texas has attracted even celebrities who come here to live comfortably and more independently. Here are some Texan cities worth your consideration:

1. Tyler

Located in East Texas, the small town of Tyler has dominated the list of the state’s fastest-growing cities in the previous decade.

It’s famous for its friendly neighborhoods, blooming economy, and the nation’s favorite Municipal Rose Garden, home to thousands of rose bushes; it is truly a sight to behold.

This city also welcomes singles, as one-third of its population has never been in wedlock. The town’s breweries and wineries make it an attractive destination for anyone planning to move here.

2. Dallas-Fort Worth

Let’s talk about the best metropolitan area in Texas for sports lovers, foodies, and nature enthusiasts, i.e., Dallas-Fort Worth.

Its year-round sunshine, single-friendly neighborhoods, and pleasant atmosphere are the main reasons why DFW attracts so many people from Texas and other states, especially a plethora of unmarried individuals. Some 57% of the residents in Dallas are single.

Oak Lawn, Uptown, Deep Ellum, and Preston Highlands are just a few neighborhoods in Dallas for singles ready to mingle.

3. Austin

When it comes to the best economy, education, and entertainment in Texas, no city can surpass Austin, the state capital. Adding over 60,000 residents between 2021 and 2022, Austin has become the tenth-largest city in America.

Its amazing weather, vibrant nightlife, and excellent dining scene have made it an appealing destination for movers who wish to live in an affordable, culturally rich town.

Known for its laidback vibes, some Austin lovers have described it as a music center and a college town all bundled up near a beautiful lake. It’s a city of hardworking people and fabulous communities, all of whom live in Austin in harmony and don’t hesitate to welcome new additions to its populace.

4. McAllen

McAllen’s tropical breezes, low crime rate, and low cost of living (21% lower than the national average) make it an ideal destination for movers.

This town has a vibrant economy, a bustling downtown, and pleasant winters. That’s why it attracts so many people from all over the country; its population’s increased by 2% since 2022.

The welcoming residents of McAllen’s single-friendly neighborhoods and diverse culinary options also encourage more people to buy or rent a house here.

5. San Antonio

For a city filled with almost 1.5 million residents, this 300-year-old city is very mild and laidback when compared to other cities in the Lone Star State.

Most people love San Antonio for its summer weather, amazing cost of living, and different cultural attractions – we’re talking mainly about the Alamo – but there is more to this gorgeous city than all this.

San Antonio has a thriving labor market, a stable economy, and plenty of job opportunities for newcomers. Also, it’s a major gastronomic destination in the Lone Star State.

This city has museums, theaters, and cultural festivals – Fiesta, for instance – while offering peaceful housing to unmarried individuals and others who don’t wish to live a conservative lifestyle.

6. Houston

Houston, the city with the second-fastest-growing metro in America, is arguably one of the best cities to move to in Texas. Its low unemployment rate, excellent health services, many outdoor activities, and – of course – all the NASA-related attractions make it an ideal city to move to.

Houston is also a good city for singles; 56% of its residents are unattached, mostly men, which is good news for single ladies and gays. Data shows that Houston is one of the four US cities where buying a house is much cheaper than renting. That’s why you should consider relocating to Space City right now.

7. Corpus Christi

As the name of this town indicates, Corpus Christi’s a great attraction for people willing to live in a very religious, family-friendly, and naturally beautiful coastal city that welcomes all folks regardless of their socioeconomic backgrounds. Corpus Christi is also a very friendly city for unmarried people.

Founded more than five centuries ago close to the Gulf of Mexico, this city offers a lot of entertainment options, such as boating, fishing, and beachcombing. It’s diverse, a mecca for epicureans, and a place where you can enjoy a slow-paced life. Consider investing in Corpus Christi’s island homes as well. This town has a population of 350,000, but it’s also growing slowly but very steadily.

8. El Paso

El Paso borders Mexico like Brownsville and shares many traits with that city. It’s known for its strong economy, rising affordability, and beautiful landscapes. This town is exceptionally welcoming of singles and has won the 2020 Best City for Singles Award in the Lone Star State based on different factors.

If you love oceanic outdoor activities, the Rio Grande lies just south of El Paso, a body of water for boating, fishing, canoeing, kayaking, and whitewater rafting. Many bike races, marathons, and festivals take place in El Paso throughout the year. You may visit its multiple cultural attractions when living here. For instance, visit the sombrero-shaped Abraham Chavez Theatre when you have time.


Texas has some great places to move to, especially if you want to make the most of your single life. These Texan cities offer a great quality of life, thriving communities, and various amenities that attract people from all over the country. The combination of a strong economy and a rich cultural heritage makes Texas an excellent state.

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