46 Cheap Pathway Ideas For Small Gardens

Cheap Garden Path Ideas

Here are 46 easy & cheap DIY Garden Path Ideas that you can follow:

46+ Easy and Cheap Garden Path Ideas That You Can Follow #gardenideas #gardenpath #landscaping

1. Gravel Path

Gravel Path
Source: thisoldhouse


2. Stone Edged Gravel Path

Stone Edged Gravel Path

Click here to see the tutorial.

3. Stone Path

Stone Path

Source: diynetwork

4. Paver Path

Paver Path

Source: Diyvillage

5. Wooden Step Path

Wooden Step Path

Source: styleblueprint

6. Wooden Boardwalk

Wooden Boardwalk

Click here to see the DIY tutorial.

7. Paver and Pebble Garden Path

Paver and Pebble Garden Path

Visit The Home Depot to see the step by step tutorial.

8. Flagstone Path

Flagstone Path

Visit Sunset to see the tutorial!

9. Mulch and Stone Path

Mulch and Stone Path

Source: prettyhandygirl

10. Planted Path

Planted Path

See more of it here!

11. Pallet Walkway

Pallet Walkway

Learn more about this lovely garden path idea here!

12. Stone Step Path

Stone Step Path

Learn more here.

13. Brick Pathway

Brick Pathway

Visit here.

14. Concrete Walkway with Brick Edging

Concrete Walkway with Brick Edging

Visit the Family Handyman to learn more.

15. Wood Chips

Wood Chips

Visit here to see the tutorials.

16. Stone Walkway

Stone Walkway

Visit Instructables to see the idea!

17. Pebble Mosaic Pathway

Pebble Mosaic Pathway

Click here to see the how-to!

18. Wood Slice Walkway

Wood Slice Walkway

See the tutorial here.

19. Granite Pathway

Granite Pathway

Visit Remove and Replace to see the idea.

20. Beatiful DIY Garden Path and Walkway Ideas

Garden Path Ideas

Visit farmfoodfamily to see the ideas



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