20+ Fun DIY Lighting Ideas and Projects


Lighting is an important element in any house and a well lit home automatically seems more comfortable and cozy. Illumination can be a tricky subject especially because in recent times, there are so many different sorts of lights one can choose from. 

Experimenting with lights and using DIY projects can be a fun experience. The type of light used is also sometimes reflective of that person’s personality.

DIY projects are a great way to personalize your room as per your desire. It can also be quite cost effective. There are several techniques one may employ to attain a house lit as per their desire. Lighting can be a fun field to experiment in as it offers endless possibilities.

These are a few common DIY techniques one can try at home that is sure to give pleasing and fascinating results.

1. Hemp String Pendant Lamp

Hemp String Pendant Lamp


To construct this type of lamp, you need a giant ceramic ball that can be suspended mid-air using a strong chain-link. This ball can be wrapped using crafts and accessories and a tiny but powerful lamp should be passed through the hollow body of the ball for this lamp to be completely functional.

2. Stainless Steel Pendant Light

Stainless Steel Pendant Light

Steel is one of the more popular equipment when it comes to lighting. This type of lamp is minimalistic in nature but is still quite pretty to look at.

3. Book Lampshade

Book Lampshade


Resembling the fluttering pages of an open book, this type of lamp is suited best for libraries, classrooms and other academic institutions.

4. Snowball Wall Light

Snowball Wall Light

This type of lamp can make an excellent addition to a cozy bedroom. It radiates a soft light and its design is quite comforting to look at. Suspending this sort of lamp over a bed invokes an unrivalled feeling of Zen and relaxation.

5. Bamboo Orb Pendant Light

Bamboo Orb Pendant Light

This type of light orb is transparent and its insides are clearly visible. It is encased by folded bamboo sticks which make up its outer layer. A bamboo orb pendant light looks mystical and magical in appearance.

6. Folded Paper Lamp

Folded Paper Lamp


A folded paper lamp has Asian origins and occupies an important place in that culture. It’s relatively simple to make. The light bulb is required to be passed through a sheet of special paper which is then folded to seal the light inside.

7. Tulle Pendant Lamp

Tulle Pendant Lamp

Drawing heavy inspiration from dresses made by the Tulle fabric, this dress resembles a lit skirt. It has an elegant aura to it and gives your house a sophisticated touch.

8. Tree Branch Chandelier

Tree Branch Chandelier


A perfect gift for people who love nature and trees. This lamp is large in size and requires ample space to be installed properly. The end of different branches can be infused with a different light to add a magical touch.

9. Faux Capiz Chandelier

Faux Capiz Chandelier


A faux capiz chandelier is ideally hung over a dining table to make for a fine experience. It radiates light which isn’t too mild nor too overwhelming.

10. Glass Bottle Pendant Lamps

Glass Bottle Pendant Lamps

This is the beautiful result that is produced when you pass a candle or a light through the mouth of a bottle. This bottle can then either be stood on the floor to light the way, or suspended in mid-air for a surreal experience.

11. Diamond Ribbon Lampshade

Diamond Ribbon Lampshade


It’s an easy but rewarding task to convert your stock lamp into something more artistic using just ribbons and tape. The ribbon can be stuck on the exteriors of the lamp in a horizontal, vertical, diagonal or criss cross shape. It’s all about personal preference in this DIY.

12. Globe Pendant Lamp

Globe Pendant Lamp


If you fancy traveling the world over but haven’t got the funds for it just yet, maybe dissecting a globe and turning it into a lamp might help? Now, you can learn while gawking over your new lamp at the same time. This is a must-have item for any teenager in his room.

13. Ruffled Ribbon Lampshades

Ruffled Ribbon Lampshades


You can also take any old lamp you might have and give it a quirky twist by sticking a ruffled-up ribbon along the exterior of the lamp.

14. Drop Cloth Lamp

Drop Cloth Lamp

This type of lamp is like any other regular lamp but with one twist. The cloth that’s draped over the light can also be rolled up to display the light it is supposed to conceal. So, in a way, this one lamp actually has the capacity to have two distinct appearances.

15. Candle Holder Pendant Shades

Candle Holder Pendant Shades


This type of lamp is a combination of the stainless steel and the glass bottle pendant lamp. In this type of lamp, the stainless steel container is the vessel within which a candle is placed.

16. Recycled Wine Bottle Torch

Recycled Wine Bottle Torch


This is another exciting looking lamp that you can make by yourself with ease. All you need is an old, empty wine bottle, some tape, an inflammable thread and a few bolts to suspend the bottle in mid-air with.

17. Plastic Glass Pendant Lamps

Plastic Glass Pendant Lamps

A plastic glass has several other uses than just being a drinking vessel. Using these cups the right way as illustrated produces dream-like illumination.

18. Mason Jar Pendant Lamps

Mason Jar Pendant Lamps


Just like plastic cups; mason jars may also be used to recreate lights.

19. Mason Jar Hanging Candelabras

Mason Jar Hanging Candelabras


This is a variation of the previous type of lamp wherein a group of mason jars are suspended by a piece of wood rather than individually.

20. Garden Lanterns

Garden Lanterns


One look at this dreamy lamp can bewitch anyone and transport them into a land of fantasy.


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