47+ Best DIY Nightstands For Your Bedroom

Nightstands Bedroom

Are you tired of your nightstand? Do you want to incorporate your style into it to make it extra special?

If you’re a person who loves reading in bed or likes to drink milk late at night, a nightstand is a must. You can use it to place your books, phone while charging, glasses, and more.

Regardless, if you want to give your nightstand a glow-up or just want one, we’ve highlighted 47 DIY Nightstand Ideas for you to try. Let’s begin!

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Try making one of these 35 e awesome modern nightstands that will brighten up your room. The supplies to make these nightstands are much cheaper than to buy your own from a store. You can also take pride in telling people you made them. I made one of these nightstands a while back and I had was so much fun. 

1. Recycle Wooden Beams


This DIY project requires more advanced power tools, but rest assured the result is bountiful and you’re rewarded with an awesome, unique, durable nightstand.

2. Old Suitcase Nightstand


If you have an old suitcase that you don’t use anymore turn it into a fun and unique nightstand by attaching wooden legs to the suitcase itself as the tabletop. You can also store things inside the suitcase adding more storage space.

3. DIY Box Sideboard Nightstand

Diy Box Sideboard Nightstand


4. X-Shaped Nightstand

X Shaped Nightstand




5. DIY Floating String Nightstand

Diy Floating String Nighstand
Diy Floating String Nighstand



6. DIY Mid-Century Nightstand

Diy Mid Century Nightstand


7. Turn A Cabinet Door Into A Nightstand

Turn A Cabinet Door Into A Nightstand



8. Chair Nightstand

Chair Nightstand


9. Ikea Rast Nightstand Hack

Ikea Rast Nightstand Hack



10. DIY Floating Nightstand

Diy Floating Nightstand




11. Wood Pallet Nightstand

Diy Pallet Scraps Nightstand


Wood pallets can be used for almost anything, these are inexpensive and readily accessible. Design your wood pallet nightstand to your preference.

12. Stacked Vintage Suitcase Nightstand

Stacked Vintage Suitcase Nightstand



13. Midcentury-Style Nightstand

Midcentury Style Nightstand




14. Build A Bookshelf Nightstand

Build A Bookshelf Nightstand



15. Simpson Strong-Tie Nightstand

Simpson Strong Tie® Nightstand



16. DIY Barstool Nightstand

Diy Barstool Nightstand



17. Farmhouse Chicken Wire Nightstand

Farmhouse Chicken Wire Nightstand


18. Small Step Ladder Stand

If you have a wooden step ladder that you rarely use anymore you can refurbish it and use it as a fun and quirky nightstand.

19. Sliding Barn Door Nightstand

Sliding Barn Door Nightstand



20. DIY Stylish Nightstand

Diy Stylish Nightstand



21. DIY Nightstand With Bun Feet

Diy Nightstand With Bun Feet


22. Stack Wooden Crates to Make A Nightstand

Maximize the use of small cubicle wooden crates by stacking them on top of each other, making the ultimate nightstand that provides tons of storage space in different levels.

23. Cheesebox Nightstand

Cheesebox Nightstand



24. $15 Rustic Nightstand

15 Rustic Nightstand


25. Cart Nightstand

These metal carts can be bought in thrift stores at a modest price, refurbish it to your liking and use it as a convenient nightstand, giving you a lot of storage space.


26. Ikea Rast Nightstand DIY

Ikea Rast Nightstand Diy



27. Pallet Nightstand

Pallet Nightstand



28. DIY Nightstand With Lighting

Diy Nightstand With Lighting


29. DIY Hanging Bedside Wood Shelf

Diy Hanging Bedside Wood Shelf


30. Farmhouse Nightstand Under $15

Farmhouse Nightstand Under 15



31. Modern Nightstand For Under $15

Modern Nightstand For Under 15



32. Nightstand From Magazine Holders

Nightstand From Magazine Holders



33. Wooden Electrical Spool Table Turned Into A Bedside Nightstand

Wooden Electrical Spool Table Turned Into A Bedside Nightstand


34. Modern Wall-mounted Nightstand

A modern and quirky craft to add in your bedroom for your convenience, giving you more floor space to place your shoes and other things without the hassle of being blocked by a bulky nightstand.

35. Small Nightstand with A Hidden Compartment


A fun DIY woodworking project for everyone. A nightstand that has a drawer and a bottom shelf giving you more storage space to place your favorite decorative pieces or favorite books.

36. Repurposed Vintage Trunk


If you have an old antique trunk, you can repurpose this into a rustic nightstand that’s both pleasing to the eyes and gives you more storage space. 

37. Salvaged Wood Nightstand

Do you often come across driftwood? This is the perfect project for you since these use salvaged wood as the base material, making a simple nightstand.

38. Old Wooden Stool Nightstand


If you have an old bar stool or wooden stool you can easily repurpose it into a cute and unique nightstand that’s perfect for placing smaller things such as books, phones, or a small potted plant.

39. Old Vintage Cabinet Nightstand


Easily turn your old vintage cabinets into the ultimate nightstand, you can refurbish it to match your bedroom’s aesthetic and cabinets will generally give loads of storage space.

40. Recycled Wood Nightstand

If you’re an avid hiker or if you live nearby the woods or you just happen to come across a fine piece of wood, you can recycle this and turn into a unique nature-themed nightstand.

41. Wood and Industrial Pipes Nightstand

Save up floor space by creating these pipes and wood combo shelves as nightstands, giving you decent storage space and more floor space.

42. Old Drum Nightstand


Turn your old or damaged drum into a quirky nightstand giving you decent storage space to place lamps, picture frames, and more. 

43. X-legged Wooden Nightstand


Create a modern and unique nightstand with this fun project idea, adding a unique flair to your bedroom and lots of storage space.

44. Refurbished Tree Stump Nightstand


If you have a tree stump in your backyard that shows no sign of growing anymore or if you just want to remove it to add more space in your yard, easily repurpose it by staining or painting it to your preference. Giving you a unique nightstand that gives you decent storage space.

45. Wooden Nightstand with Pet Bed

Create a quirky wooden nightstand with a compartment for your pet, to assure your furry friends have their little area to rest in, you can use a small dresser for this project.

46. Metal Milk Stand Nightstand

Refurbish old milk cans into a unique nightstand, you can decorate it or leave it as it is.

47. Simple Breeze Blocks Nightstand


If you have leftover cinder blocks, then you’re good to go. Stack these blocks in whatever you want and Voila! A quick and unique homemade nightstand.


The 47 DIY Nightstand Ideas gives you many options where you can find the perfect nightstand project that fits in with your bedroom’s aesthetic. These ideas are best for those who want to recycle long-forgotten furniture and other materials.

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