24 DIY projects to convert your white tennis shoes into personalized works of art


Buying shoes is one of our favorite activities (we have to accept it) and sometimes, when we believe that we finally find the most fantastic and unique tennis in the world, we see more than one girl with the same model on the street or at school.

If you are already tired of boring and white tennis or are looking for superoriginals, with great designs, fun and creative, bring out your artistic skills because you want to make these 24 ideas to customize your sports shoes.

1. If you like to go out on adventures

2. Or visit the wonderland

Alice's Tennis in Wonderland

3. Plasma your taste for princess stories

Tennis of beauty and the beast

4. Or the innate enemy of Goku

Tennis of My little ponny

5. Although you may prefer something more darks

Nightmare Tennis before Christmas

6. You can play with traditional designs

Tennis with traditional design

7. And experiment with different colors

Tennis with traditional design

8. Flowers are a design that will always be inn

Tennis with flowers

9. A simple dandelion will give you a plus

Tennis with dandelions

10. Take everyday objects as inspiration

Tennis with Te Arizona design

11. Or your favorite movies

Harry Potter Tennis

12. And use the world of Harry Potter for some magical tennis

Tennis with Harry Potter design

13. If you are a fan of The Beatles this design will give you just in nostalgia

Tennis with The Beatles design

14. Walking in a straight line you can not get very far

Tennis of the Little Prince

15. The outdoor space is a great idea for your black tennis

Tennis with galazia design

16. And you can choose a single color

Tennis with galaxy design

17. Use the seams of the footwear to give fluidity

Tennis with peacock feathers

18. Beware of biting when you feel hungry

Tennis with donut design

19. There is no way to make mistakes with the old school

Tennis with old school design

20. The perfect tennis for the travelers

Tennis with map design

21. Taking advantage of the rage for sunflowers

22. If the tennis is already designed, you can choose to paint something simple

23. If you are an art lover you can replicate your favorite work

24. And if you’re good at painting, of course


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