A Step-By-Step Guide On Making The Cleaning Of Your Home Easier


Cleaning your home can sometimes be a tiring and slow process, especially if you haven’t planned and prepared accordingly. However, it doesn’t always have to be a boring task you don’t look forward to doing. The step-by-step guide we have for you will make cleaning an easier and more efficient process for you.

Order of Cleaning Matters

To save time and make cleaning easier and more efficient, you should adopt a cleaning routine that you strictly follow each time. Having a system you’re familiar with will make it easier to figure out what to do and when.

You won’t be picking up clothes off the floor one minute and then scrubbing the sink clean! Consistency is the key to easy cleaning, and following a set method inherently makes the process go smoothly.

Practicing a cleaning routine regularly will help you become a fast cleaner and you’ll soon be cleaning your home in half the time.

Directional Cleaning

Top-to-bottom cleaning is logically and practically the best way to clean. Cleaning the floor and then the blinds only to see the dust dirty your floors again is counterproductive and a waste of time. So, always clean the ceilings, fans, and blinds first.

Then move to tabletops, counters, shelves, and other surfaces. Finish cleaning the floor at the very end. In the same manner, try cleaning your home horizontally in one fixed direction.

If you clean one part of the room first and then move to another, you’ll avoid scrambling around here and there and, in the process, wasting time and energy. Directional cleaning also ensures you don’t miss any spots and cover all the bases.

Clear the Clutter

Before you begin dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and wiping, clear the clutter and stash away things you don’t want to end up in the trash. Having your surfaces and floors clear makes it easier to clean without any obstructions in the way.

Cleaning before decluttering may lead to misplacement of things and dust falling all over them. In theory, it might sound easier to clear and clean as you go, but in actuality, it doesn’t work that way.

Clean the Each Part Rather than the Whole

Cleaning doesn’t have to be a miserable and sweaty waste of time; it can be a fun group activity. Get the whole family to help you clean on the weekdays. Allot one room to each individual and make sure you go by each task simultaneously. 

If you don’t have anyone to help you, consider using the services of a cleaning company. Top cleaning services in your locality are recommended for cleaning services that will leave your home nice and tidy.

If you do however prefer cleaning by yourself, then clean the whole house rather than moving from one room to another. For instance, rather than decluttering and mopping each room’s floor one at a time, finish all the decluttering of every room first, and then move on to mopping. This will save you time since you won’t be running around from one room to another fetching supplies.

Keep Cleaning Supplies Ready

Fix a date to do your cleaning and keep all the supplies you need ready beforehand. It shouldn’t happen that you get in the mood for cleaning, take time out of your day to do it, and end up not being able to because you didn’t have the right cleaning products available.

So, stock up on everything you need well ahead of time. Even when you start cleaning, make sure everything is within arm’s reach to avoid walking back and forth every time you need something. You can use a small bag or tool belt to have all your supplies with you at all times.

Take Care of Things as and When They Come

The best way to get the job done is by fixing things as they come. For instance, suppose you cooked something greasy and now all the grease is stuck to your stove.

Don’t wait for cleaning day to come around to take care of it. If you leave it there, it’ll most likely harden, making it more difficult to get clean later on. So don’t let things pile up because that’s the easy way to make cleaning day harder and longer for you.

Speed Clean Regularly

Speed cleaning regularly is always advisable if you want to really cut down on cleaning time. Deep clean your house every once in a while, but also speed clean in between. Rather than doing several days’ worth of cleaning all at once, get done with things whenever you can. This way not only will deep-cleaning days go by easier, but your house will remain nice and tidy all the time.

Following the tips, we’ve given you will make a pro cleaner who knows how to get the job done quickly and efficiently. You will no longer be sweating and fumbling around when cleaning your home. So, the next time you plan on cleaning, keep these useful tips in mind.


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