A Guideline on How to Rent a Pet-Friendly Apartment?


Before you start searching for a pet-friendly apartment, it is important to determine what type of pet the building permits. Several pet policies are in place, with some limiting the number of animals allowed. Other policies may only allow cats, small dogs, or contained animals. How to rent a pet friendly apartment ? Some policies may even limit the number of pets a person can own, or require the renter to apply for approval before adding another animal to the household.


One of the most important rules in renting a pet-friendly apartment is that the renter must clean up after the pet. The landlord may also limit the weight of the dog. Some landlords only allow pets that belong to their tenants.

You can ask if they will consider an exception for goldfish. The landlord may waive this requirement if you can show proof of ownership of the pet. Otherwise, the landlord might decide to rent out the apartment to someone with a non-pet pet.

When renting an apartment that allows pets, make sure to inform the property manager of your pet’s behavior. Some landlords require you to present pet references, so be sure to bring them along. Also, make sure you bring your dog with you when viewing properties. Sending cute pictures will go a long way in the application process. If you have an elderly dog, avoid apartments that are on the top floors of walk-ups.


Reptiles are considered a type of pet. While they do not have the same freedom and rights as cats and dogs, they can still make great apartment pets. Besides, reptiles are generally safe and can be kept in aquariums. In most cases, landlords will accept reptiles as long as they do not exceed a certain size. However, reptile owners should know that there are special requirements for pet renters. Listed below are some considerations when moving with a pet.

Before deciding on a pet-friendly apartment, it’s important to check if the pet is legal in the area where you plan to live. Some apartments won’t let you bring exotic animals, such as snakes, chinchillas, and fish, as they could disrupt the structure of the building. In addition, some apartments may have a weight limit that prevents you from bringing your pet in if it’s too heavy.

Service animals

A landlord cannot ask for a pet deposit or charge a pet fee from a tenant with a service animal. If the animal causes damage, the tenant is responsible for its replacement. Although landlords cannot ask a tenant to disclose their disability, they can ask to see a doctor’s note attesting to the animal’s health. Landlords are required to make reasonable accommodations for tenants with service animals.

The use of service animals is a growing trend in landlords’ offices. The Americans with Disabilities Act requires landlords to allow tenants with service animals in their rental units. A service animal is a certified service dog trained to assist. Other service animals can be miniature horses, but only dogs are truly service animals. If the landlord doesn’t agree to allow a service animal, the tenant may be denied housing.

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