How Do You Keep Flowers Fresh In The Summer


One of the best ways to liven up your house is with a bouquet of fresh flowers. Not only will the blooms inject some color, but their fragrant aroma will also lift spirits. But nothing lasts forever. Eventually, your flowers will start to wilt and die. The good news is that there are some things you can do to keep them looking fresher for longer.

Choose Fresh Flowers

One of the most important things is to start with fresh flowers. If they are already starting to wilt when you get them, there isn’t much that you can do. Thankfully, getting fresh flowers is easy.

If you have the time, you can go into a local flower store or visit a flower market. This allows you to inspect the blooms in person. Just make sure to use a damp sponge to keep the flowers hydrated on the journey back home.

But visiting a florist might not always be possible. Sometimes you don’t have the time. Or you might want to send the flowers to a loved one across the country. The good news is that you can shop online instead. Simply browse through the numerous bouquets on offer. Pick the one you want. Then, arrange for flower delivery Limassol. You can choose same-day or next-day delivery. Everything comes from local florists, so the blooms will be in peak condition when they arrive at your door.

Prepare The Flowers Properly

Once you get your flowers, you should prepare them for your vase. First, remove any leaves that are below the water line. These can capture the moisture, creating a place for mold spores to germinate. Next, trim the stem. You’ll need to use a sharp knife and cut at a 45-degree angle. This makes it easier for the plant to absorb the water. You should re-cut the stem every two to three days.  

Keep Your Flowers In Water

Most bouquets will be able to survive for a few hours without water. After this time, though, your flowers will start to wither. Because of this, you should keep your flowers in a vase. Before you add the flowers, check that the vase is clean. Sometimes, these can accumulate soap stains or mold, which will shorten the lifespan of your flowers.

Additionally, consider the size of the vase. Make sure that your flowers have enough space for adequate airflow, to prevent mold. Over time, you can switch to a smaller vase, as you remove wilted flowers. This ensures that the bouquet continues to look full.

It’s also important to consider the quality of the water. Try to change it every few days. Make sure that the water stays clean. Any flower bits, like discarded leaves, should be removed. If you leave them in the water, they might begin to attract bacteria. Though it sounds counterintuitive, cold water might hurt the longevity of your flowers. Instead, you want to use room-temperature water.

Furthermore, you can add preservatives to help you increase the longevity of your flowers. Simply pour the contents of the packet into the water and mix it in. These preservatives often come with flowers. If not, you might be able to buy some from your local florist. Or you can make the flower food yourself, this recipe lays out the steps you should follow.

Pick The Right Display Location

Choosing the right place to display your flowers is especially important during the summer months. Ideally, you should find a place that doesn’t get direct sunlight. This causes two problems. First, the light can heat the leaves. The stress will cause your flowers to start wilting faster. Especially as the sun throughout the day, which dramatically changes the water temperature. Secondly, the sunlight can wash some of the colors from the petals.

The next thing to consider is the temperature of the room. Ideally, your flowers will be kept in a cool place. But in summer this might not always be possible. If you are facing high temperatures, it’s best to spray your flowers with water during the day.  

Though you want a cool place, don’t put them near a fan or an open window. Plants, like humans, rely on evaporation to help them cool. If they continually face a breeze, it can speed up the evaporative process. This will cause them to lose water quicker, increasing the rate at which they will wilt.

It’s best to keep your flowers away from children or pets. You don’t want them to play with delicate blooms, which might damage or stress the flowers. Plus, some species can be toxic if ingested.

Though it might sound a little odd, you can even store your flowers in the fridge overnight. This reduces the amount of stress they face due to the high temperatures.

Remove Some Flowers

Most bouquets contain a mix of several flower species. The issue is that they all wilt at different rates. Some will only last five or six days before they start to fade. Others can easily last for over a week if cared for properly.

When you notice a bloom start to fade, it’s time to remove it from the vase. You should also inspect your flowers each day. Remove any leaves that have started to rot or buds that have died. If the leaves get too close to the water line, trim them before they can start gathering bacteria.

There are two reasons for this. Aesthetically, you don’t need to throw out the whole bouquet. You’ll still be able to appreciate the blooms that you have. Secondly, the wilting plant will start to attract bacteria. This can spread to the other flowers in the vase. As a result, the other blooms will start to wither at a faster rate. If you don’t want the flower to go to waste, feel free to put it in your compost bin.


Flowers will indeed wilt faster in the summer heat. Hopefully, though, these tips should help you slow their withering, giving you more time to enjoy your beautiful buds.


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