10 Kitchen Cabinets Styles and Trends for 2022


Kitchen cabinets are an important part of your kitchen that affects the appearance and functionality of your kitchen effectively.

The kitchen cabinet trends are an ever-evolving phenomenon that helps us have a constantly improving kitchen space each time. From unique cabinetry hues to cleverly concealed appliances, see the latest trends at the kitchen cabinets kitchener and explore different styles for your kitchen.

1. Dark Finishes

Dark finishes in your kitchen cabinets are currently the hot choice among homeowners that makes your kitchen look high-end and modern. It gives a handsome appeal to your cabinetry while also maintaining elegance and class.

People who are always confused between modern styles and all-time classics can opt for dark finishes and bold colors for their kitchen cabinets to have the best of both worlds.

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2. Wooden Accents

The combination of light colors and dark wooden accents is certainly appealing to the eye and it is also being popularised as a trend in the kitchen cabinets.

The lower half cabinets are in white color and the upper half features dark wooden accents and open shelving is a trendy choice for a cozy look.

3. The natural-looking cabinet style

Natural, as an ever-green style is always the trend in kitchen designing. With earthy pallets and natural tones, you can add interesting textures and colors to your cabinets while enjoying a feel of nature in your own home. A long paneled wall can also be featured to make this style appear more prominent.

4. Hidden Space

Hidden space in kitchen cabinets helps you have ample storage while having cleverly concealed storage space. It is currently a trending choice among people who are looking for more space-efficient design.

5. Concealed design

The most unique trend currently in the kitchen design is the concealed refrigerator that is not placed outside but concealed into cabinetry that makes it almost invisible to spot at first. This idea is not only practical but also very appealing for the look of your kitchen.

6. Exotic Color Block

Color block designs are getting more popular for giving your kitchen a more exotic look. By using dark and light wood combinations, your kitchen cabinets can be made more exotic-looking. You can also enhance its look further by placing your appliances more cleverly.

7. Shaker Style

Shaker styles are getting more popular by the day. With its simple and elegant approach in design, the shaker style features square paneled doors that appear flawless with any type of hardware.

8. Cottage Chic

Rustic and cottage styles with big windows and airy designs are currently trending among nature lovers. Especially if you have a big backyard you should consider having this airy kitchen for your home that represents the essence of cottage chic.

9. Speciality Cabinets

Specialty cabinets are a great way to set your kitchen apart while also integrating a more space-efficient design into your kitchen. Now kitchen cabinets are also used to conceal appliances such as microwaves, fridges, etc. And some hidden pantry options are also trending currently. Special spice racks that place an array of spices also add a bit of functionality while making your kitchen look appealing.

10. European Charm

European designs in kitchen cabinets seem to be the evergreen option that always finds its way back to homeowners. European styles also help you make your kitchen look more elegant and stylish while introducing a unique and one-of-a-kind design that has a surprising effect on your guests. Exposed woods, designer cabinet hardware with neutral pallets, and criss-cross ceiling accents help you introduce European charm in your kitchen layout.

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