Major Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing The Right Windows For Your New House


Windows play a significant role in determining how good a home looks. A good set of windows will enhance your home’s overall aesthetic and feel.

In addition to the looks, windows can also affect things like energy consumption. If your windows are not installed correctly, or if you install the wrong types of windows, you may end up using too much energy on heating and cooling. 

All that goes to show just how critical it is to install the right windows for your new home. Mistakes can be costly and long-lasting. Sadly, many homeowners do end up making various mistakes when picking windows. Here are the top five:

1. Not Asking Enough Questions

Unless you are an expert in window installations, chances are you don’t know much about the process. That means you need to do thorough research and rely on the expertise of professionals. Be sure to grill these professionals and get as much information as possible.

First, talk to the company selling you the windows and find out what kind of warranty they have. Most companies have a cover protecting the windows for a given duration. However, they do not cover any workmanship errors. That means if the windows are installed incorrectly and get compromised, the manufacturer will not compensate you. That’s especially true if a separate company does the installation.

Therefore, speak to your contractor and ask whether they provide any warranty. If they don’t, look elsewhere. 

The window installation process is expensive. You really don’t want to incur additional expenses due to workmanship errors. So, ensure your contractor has a warranty in addition to the manufacturer’s cover on your windows.

2. Not Hiring The Right Professional

Do not make the mistake of hiring the wrong person to install your windows. That can go wrong in so many ways. For example, they may install the windows incorrectly. That will not only damage your expensive windows but can also void the manufacturer’s warranty. The unqualified contractor can also damage your property. That’s more losses you don’t need.

Avoid all such issues by going for a reputable window installation contractor. Shop around and find at least three contractors. Then, request each to provide a detailed report of how they do the job and what makes them special. You can also ask them for referees or previous clients. You should also go online and check for reviews.

Settle for the contractor with great user reviews, vast experience, proper licensing, and the necessary insurance coverage. These contractors are usually slightly more costly. However, they have the skills and experience you need to ensure the project runs smoothly.

3. Prioritizing Price

There is no doubt that window installation is an expensive project. It’s, therefore, understandable if you want to save some cash. However, do not prioritize saving money over quality. The consequences will be dire.

Consider this; you can get window A at a cheap price or B at a slightly higher price. However, window B is more durable and requires less maintenance. Therefore, while window A is the cheapest option upfront, it does end up being expensive long-term. You’ll spend more cash on maintenance and eventually on a replacement.

Meanwhile, window B will cost a bit more upfront, but it’ll give you maximum value over the long haul.

That’s usually the case between different types of windows. For example, vinyl windows are cheaper than fiberglass, but they require a bit more maintenance and are less durable.

So, be smart and think long-term. You should also consider things like energy efficiency. As the specialists at point out, you can get windows that are 40% more efficient than the standard building code requirements. That means you will spend less cash heating and cooling your home.

Remember, utility bills are recurring, while window installation is a one-time (or long-term) thing. If you can install slightly expensive windows but reduce your recurring utility bills, do so.

4. Ignoring Maintenance And Upkeep

Too many homeowners fail to consider maintenance and upkeep costs when purchasing windows. That’s a big mistake.

Different types of windows have different maintenance needs and expenses. Plus, the materials used in installation can also influence the upkeep expenses. For example, wooden frames must be resealed and repainted once every few years. Meanwhile, fiberglass needs less maintenance.

5. Ignoring Security Considerations

Windows are not there just for the aesthetics. They are also supposed to be a line of defense. So, don’t focus too much on getting the most stylish windows and throw security out of the window. Instead, ensure the windows are solid enough to keep your home safe from intruders.

Do not rush your decision when picking windows and a contractor. Take your time to research and find the right windows and experts to handle the job.


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