These 8 Properties Of Tempered Glass Make It Ideal for Large Buildings


Toughened glass is manufactured by treating ordinary glass through a thermal tempering process. Thereby, it is put on a rollers table that carries it into a furnace with a massive heat of around 650 °C.

After that, it is cooled in a controlled temperature zone to produce tension and compression that results in a tempered glass. The compressive stresses on the tempered glass surface provide that massive strength. That is why tempered glass uses become more widespread. This process makes it a more costly type of glass but the time-consuming process gives advantages that outweigh the high cost.

So, why does a costly tempered safety glass become much needed when a cheap glass option is already available? Well, this is because of the unique tempered glass properties that make it a top favorite among property owners. Let’s explore those features and find out the reason why toughened safety glass is ideal for large buildings.

Properties of Tempered Glass

Here are those tempered glass properties that make it an ideal glass option for commercial buildings. Let us get into them.

1. Strength Which Makes Large building Strong & Modern

Along with modernity, it’s the durability that shouldn’t be overlooked. The first property of tempered glass is much better strength than standard glass of similar thickness and dimensions. For this reason, it is also named toughened or safety glass.

Though laminated glass also possesses much better strength than ordinary glass, the cost may be more than doubled. That’s why tempered glass is a more popular type of safety glass than laminated safety glass. That’s because toughened glass also offers decent protection and lasts for some good time.

2. Fire & Heat Resistance For Safety & Energy Efficiency

The extensive strength of the toughened glass makes it four times more heat resistant than ordinary glass. In fact, tempered glass can withstand up to 250 °C. For this reason, tempered glass is used in buildings due to its fire-resistance properties.

It stops the further spread of fire in the building while saving important lives. Government buildings, hospitals, schools, large commercial buildings, and offices always use tempered safety glass in their windows and wall partitions. Also, double or triple-glazed windows provide even better heat resistance while keeping your bills too low throughout the season.

3. Sound Reduction For A Nice Sleep

Tempered glass blocks some outside noise better than a standard glass of similar thickness. For this reason, a specialized soundproof glass is made of toughened glass to reduce the intensity of noise based on the glass thickness and type.

Laminated glass uses two to three layers of tempered glass attached with a clear vinyl film to keep the layers well intact with each other. Laminated glass provides even more sound reduction due to the inert gas and the double or triple panes of tempered glass.

Ideally, sound-resistant glass is used in cinemas, studios, and educational institutions, where maintaining a pin-drop silence is essential.

4. UV Protection To Save Your Interior From Fading Away

Ordinary glass windows do not protect the building’s interior from UV damage. Tempered glass blocks about 60% of the UV rays, while increasing the life of the interior furniture.

You can further reduce the UV damage by using tinted glass on the large windows in different tones to give an excellent shade of colors to the large building.

5. Impact Resistance To Withstand In Heavy Rain & Storms

Many times speedy birds accidentally collapse with the building window glass. This may break the glass and result in glass replacement costs.

Toughened glass is super strong to provide resistance to large impacts. Hurricane glass, also known as impact-resistant glass, is manufactured with tempered glass sheets to withstand massively strong wind or rain.

6. Scratch Resistant Glass Surface To Give Brand New Look

The tempered glass surface is highly resistant to scratches. That’s why it is frequently used in mobile screen protectors and vehicle front screens.

Large buildings should incorporate this glass type to keep a clear and visible view of the building. The exterior look of the building remains brand new and elegant with the application of toughened safety glass.

7. Unmatched Durability To Reduce Replacement Cost

It is wise to invest once for a lifetime return instead of spending a small amount repeatedly for short-run benefit. Tempered glass remains clear and new compared to ordinary glass or acrylic which may become yellowish over time.

Because of its better quality and strength, safety glass is highly durable. Its application in dining table tops, shower enclosures, large windows, and doors keeps your building worth much higher because the strength of toughened glass is five times that of the standard annealed glass.

8. Versatile Design & Styling Options

You can use reflective glass, frosted glass, or tinted glass to add some privacy. Moreover, a crackled glass table adds a focal point to the building’s interior. There are tons of other options such as low-iron and … that enhance the functionality and application of tempered glass in the building.

Bottom Line

So, now you know the properties of tempered glass, which makes it a perfect pick for commercial projects. But, if we have to sum it up, it is the additional strength and overall durability of toughened glass that makes it a reliable option.

When it comes to building design, material choice, and structuring, never opt for the cheap glass option. The unique properties of tempered glass make it the best choice for several applications that will turn your cost into a productive investment that will provide everlasting returns. Tempered safety glass breaks up into small pieces in the shape of a honeycomb with rounded corners. So, it reduces the risk of possible injury and is ideal for commercial buildings.

Things don’t end here; toughened glass also reduces the impact of harsh UV rays. On top of it, noise pollution is also reduced to a significant margin. Last but not the least, its impact resistance properties are one solid reason to opt for it.

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