Simple Tips That Will Help You Start Your DIY Indoor Garden


Indoor gardens are hip now more than ever. After the unending lockdowns, last year and still the ongoing restriction imposed on every known country in the world, having those lush green friends all-around your home lightens the atmosphere and helps you navigate through your day to day life with a positive disposition. Not to mention that tending to your plants will take your mind off the stress these days.

But how do you begin indoor gardening? Let us help you with it or contact Leawood tree experts to help you.

How To Build Your Indoor Garden?

Indoor gardening can be your solution to a growing number of concerns about the spread of the virus. What makes planting your own veggies and flowers is that you get to pick them fresh from your own greenery.

Try Something New

If you don’t like attending to soil and watering them, you can try the new kind of indoor gardening that only needs constant irrigation to grow the seeds, consider Hydroponics which is an innovative method for planting indoors. You only need a tube with a constant fill and drain system then you’re off to start your indoor garden easily and without a hassle.

Take The Pick of Your Seeds

Also, pick the seeds for your indoor garden. It could be herbs, greens, or flowers. Just be sure that you have ample space to grow them as they mature. Home and garden stores have almost all kinds of seeds. You can also buy them online. If you have selected your set of seeds, find horticulture books to read to find out how to grow them. Plants are generally taken care of by giving them sufficient water and light as well as nutrient-filled soil to grow, but some need extra TLC.

Find the Best Location

Pick the right location for your indoor garden. Since you will be propagating your plants from their seedlings, you have to store them first in a warm place. Your basement corner or near the window will be a great location for your still-to-sprout babies.

Once they break through the soil, they would need light. So place them somewhere in your home that receives the most light all throughout the day.

Prep the Soil and Plant Your Seeds

Soil preparation just involves mixing your ordinary loam soil with organic fertilizers that can be bought at any local garden store. You can also start with seed-starting or sterile potting mix right out of the bag.

Then plant your seeds – when the time is right. This is because seeds that are planted too early might grow too large for your space to handle and the plants will be stressed and if you plant them too late, they will not likely mature as much indoors. So follow the instructions described in your seed packages.

Water Wisely

Always give your plants a healthy dose of water but not too much. That’s why you have to have drain holes at the bottom of your container to avoid drowning them. When you water your plants, just make sure that most of the water is absorbed by the soil. Once the drain holes start to pour, that means they have enough of it.

Gardening is easy, simple, and gives you great rewards when you do it right. So start your indoor garden now with those simple easy steps.

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