Improve Your Property in 7 Easy Steps With These Awesome Tips


When you’re taking care of a property, it’s not uncommon to get overwhelmed by all the possibilities. The internet is full of renovation ideas, tips and tricks, but it’s hard to know what will work with your space and what’s worth the investment. The following will explore a few things you might want to keep in mind if you’re looking to improve your property.

Maintenance Comes First

It doesn’t matter how much you repair and renovate if you don’t take care of changes made to your space. Homes aren’t static objects, they’re experiencing constant wear and tear, and this means you need to be regularly maintaining things if you want them to stay pristine.

Depending on the seasons your home encounters and the type of features you have, everyone’s home maintenance schedule is going to look different, but typically maintenance falls into seasonal categories. 

In the winter, people tend to focus on steps that prevent damage, prevent ice dams and keep the roof intact. In the spring, steps should be taken to respond to any flooding that occurs; you’ll also want to repair any winter damage, conduct routine maintenance on the airconditioning system, clean/replace window screens, and clean up the garage, basement, and outdoor areas.

In the summer, projects like repainting or repairing are undertaken; you might also want to wash and reseal fences and decks and flush out the water heater (sediment build-up shortens its life). In the fall, gutters are cleaned, the sump pump tested, the chimney is cleaned and maintained, the furnace is serviced, the attic is tended to, and the home prepared for winter.

You also want to do quarterly checks on your smoke detector, carbon monoxide detector, fire extinguisher gauges, water heater pressure and temperature valve, garage door functionality, and dryer vents. Clean out ducts and the sediment that can gather beneath showerheads and sin aerators.

Curbside Appeal

When a home’s value is calculated, how visually appealing the home is from the curb is a large component of the final value. This is because people’s first impression of a home is typically formed when they pull up to it or see the first online photo, which is typical of the house from the outside.

Professionals who offer Amarillo-based home improvement services point out that new siding is a big component of this. Windows, doors, roofing, and front yard maintenance are also part of curbside appeal.

The Secret Lawn And Backyard Factor: Drainage

If parts of your lawn, backyard, or garden are faded and dry no matter how much you water, or if parts of your property develop puddles when it rains, you probably have a drainage problem.

Before any gardening or yard work is done, you might want to employ some drainage solutions. Not only will proper drainage make garden and yard maintenance easier, but any yard work done before drainage is addressed might get destroyed when you start making drainage-focused alterations.

Crown Moulding

One simple home improvement that can really amp up how the space feels is crown moulding. Crown moulding tends to be around three dollars per square foot, making it incredibly affordable.

Change The Lightbulbs

This point seems small and subtle, but it’s not. Lighting can make a dramatic difference in your home. Select bulbs that offer a warmer light if you want the space to feel cozy or a colder light if you want a place to feel fresh. You’ll be shocked by how much better home can look if there’s good lighting. As a bonus, you can use energy-efficient bulbs, and this can end up saving you a decent amount of money on your utility bills.

While you’re focused on lighting, make sure to give your windows a good clean. If there are windows you can’t access easily, have a professional window cleaner come and give them a scrub. When you’ve got new lightbulbs and lots of natural light that’s unfiltered by dirt and grime, everything looks better.

Faucets And Handles

If you change up the bathroom and kitchen faucets and select new handles for the cupboards, these high-usage rooms feel a lot fresher. These changes are quick and easy to make and relatively cheap.

Trim, Light Switches, And Power Outlet Plates

What do trim, light switches, and power outlets have in common? They get grimy gradually over a long period of time. Because of this, we don’t notice the subtle difference in the shade that occurs. Scrub these items or replace them, and you’ll be shocked by how clean and new your space looks. This is another inexpensive tweak.

The above tips should help improve the look of your home. If you’re considering taking on any major renovations, it’s always a good idea to call a local real estate agent and check in about the changes. Not all improvements add value to a home (indeed, some lower value), and sometimes, even when a renovation would normally provide value, it doesn’t because it basically prices a home out of what anyone looking in the neighborhood could afford.


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