Tips for Choosing Dado Rails


Dado rail has been an essential architectural feature for a long. However, for a while, the use of this element slowed. But dado rails have found a way back into the modern interior design themes. Hence they’re being used in most homes nowadays. Unlike before, these products are used in different ways. They are fashionable, and whether you choose to use them or not is a personal decision. 

This depends on how you want your rooms to look. They make your spaces more functional and enhance their beauty. The dado rails come in numerous designs, colors, and sizes. Interior designers and also DIY users are using the dado rails in the most creative way and in the best way possible. Whether you order from online stores or a local store, ensure you buy the best products.

When buying dado rail designs, there are some essential elements to consider ensuring that you find the right product. This includes; 

1. Materials

Dado rails are designed using different materials. The most common styles include PVC, Wood, and MDF. Therefore before buying learn about these materials.

However, the material you consider depends on your needs and what you prefer. 

  • Wood: – One of the conventional materials used to design dado rails is wood. However, there are also many types of wood. So, ensure you choose the most durable wood with a perfect aesthetic appeal. Each type of wood used to design dado rails has advantages and disadvantages. Choose between painted, raw, or primed, depending on your preferred wood type.
  • MDF: This is an affordable and effective material used to design dado rails. MDF (Medium density fiberboard) comes in many styles. 
  • PVC: This is another common material for creating dado rails. It is most common in area that has high moisture levels. This includes bathrooms or outdoors because these places are prone to water, insects, rotting, etc. PVC dado rails require low maintenance and can paint your dado rails. It is essential to ensure that you choose the best material. Although your dado rails should enhance your room’s aesthetic. Choose an attractive yet strong material. 

2. Height 

It is essential to decide the right height for the dado rails. The recommended size should be about 7% of the general height of your room. However, ensure you use the best estimates to get the right height for your dado rails. 

3. Cost 

dado rail designs come at different prices. Therefore when shopping for the best products, compare different suppliers. Although some materials might be cheap, this could be a marketing strategy.

So, the first thing is to compare other materials to ensure you get the best product at an affordable price. Find top quality instead of the cheap dado rails. Eventually, you need functional and decorative products that can add value to your home. 

If you choose the right Dado rails, your rooms will stand out. Choose the best colors. Consider a theme that matches the rest of your house theme because this enhances your home’s curb appeal. 


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