Unorthodox Ways to Combat Anxiety


Anxiety is something that is plaguing more and more people with the passage of time. Especially after we’ve experienced the pandemic and the effects of lockdown, many people have fallen victim to bouts of anxiety, and some are experiencing it chronically.

While most people prefer to go directly to a doctor to get prescribed medication, there are actually other ways to cope. This is why we’re going to introduce you to a couple of unorthodox but effective ways of coping with anxiety.

Remove Caffeine From Your Diet

You probably think that this is the opposite of what you should do to overcome your anxiety, especially if you find that having a cup of tea, coffee or even soda in your day is what energizes you enough to get through the day.

However, if you work towards removing caffeine entirely from your daily diet, you’re going to find that you’ll have much better control over your anxiety. Caffeine gives a surge of power to your central nervous system, and this is what energizes you, but this same energy gives power to your anxiety attacks.

Try to go for a healthier source of energy- green tea is just as effective but in a more subtle way. Think about leafy greens and berries, as they give you energy and are antioxidants as well. A healthier body will help you overcome anxiety for sure.

Use a Weighted Blanket

One of the most recently created solutions for anxiety that has been tried and tested by many people is the weighted blanket.

What this is, is a blanket that is filled with either pellets or beads that are tiny and comfortable, but most importantly, adds just the perfect amount of weight to keep you calm. It’s important that you understand how it works, and you can do this using weighted blanket guides that give as much insight as you need.

It’s pretty much like getting a hug, but from your blanket. It keeps you from twisting and turning when anxiety creeps up on you, and many people have sung its praises.

Volunteer Work

Another wonderful way to overcome the anxiety that keeps you stressed is to sign up for some volunteer work. You might be skeptical at first, but once you actually get into it, you’ll understand why.

Anxiety is brought on by a number of crippling thoughts that eat at you and put you in a state of extreme stress that is hard to overcome. If you start to go out, or even start doing something from home that will help people or animals that are less fortunate than you, it will do wonders.

Not only do you become preoccupied, but you do so with a purpose that is selfless. The reward is that you are able to give back just because you want to, and you have a positive thing to focus on.

Deep Breathing & Meditation

Meditation is severely underrated when it comes to dealing with anxiety disorders and attacks. Because we’ve become so focused on relying on medication, we don’t pay attention to solutions that we can control ourselves naturally.

Your body is stronger than you think, and if you work with it the right way, you will be able to do so much more than you ever thought possible. Just the simple act of becoming aware of your breathing patterns and controlling it will do wonders in getting rid of your anxiety.

Try to get into meditation– you need a quiet space to silence your mind and clear it out, and meditation will do just that for you, and more.

Out of the Box Activities

Anxiety is a dangerous thing to live with because, in a nutshell, it stops you from living. One of the most effective ways to overcome it without overwhelming yourself is to try out something new. There’s no commitment and there’s no pressure, it’s just something that’s out of the box for you, and it actually might be fun.

Something like art, dance, or even martial art classes are a great option. Try to think back to your childhood and think about all of the things you wanted to do and didn’t have the chance to, and go for it. You’ll find that by slowly opening yourself up to new experiences, your mind will be able to fight the anxiety away.

Anxiety is something that we are all too familiar with, and it’s time we started to take it on using a different approach. Medication mostly just masks the problem, or it may have side effects that present a new issue for you to deal with. Using the suggestions mentioned here may not be the usual prescription for overcoming anxiety, but they will all work, and give you a wonderful new lease on life.

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