4 Beautiful Ways To Decorate The Exterior Of Your Home


Beauty is found on the inside, that’s true. But who says the outside doesn’t count as well? It definitely does in home design.

Curb appeal, or the overall attractiveness of your house when viewed from a distance, is a big factor in determining a house’s value. This means investing on your house’s exterior is important.

Are you planning to revamp your home’s exterior? Read along to refresh your mind on the basics.

4 Ways to Beautify Your Home’s Exterior

1. Make your steps, front door, and windows count.

One of the most underrated home exterior portions are the steps. Before walking onto that front door, consider the beauty of asphalt steps that greets family members and visitors alike. Even though it is rarely noticed, your steps can act as the fine line between sophistication and dullness

May it be wooden, glass, paneled or French doors, invest in a high-quality door that is painted to complement your whole exterior and is built to last a lifetime. The same goes for the windows. Make it match the doors and let it welcome the sunlight and refreshing breeze.

2. Light it up.

Illuminate your home with various lighting fixtures to ensure that you can safely make your way back at night. Consider putting a bright ceiling light for the front porch to make it easier for you to fish out your keys when you come home late. You can even add in a pair of sconces for both aesthetic and additional brightness.

You can also invest in solar-powered lights to line your walkway and add elegance to your home landscape.

3. Fill it with greenery.

Speaking of landscape, a home without any greenery is rather sad, don’t you think?

When you decorate your home with nature in mind, you are sure to reap the many benefits of having plants and greenery. In your front exterior, particularly, you are adding a solid touch of calmness and coolness that is associated with the word “home” itself.

To make the scheme green, you can install a vertical garden on a rather dull-looking wall space. You can also get window baskets and grow plants that love the sunlight on the exterior. Hang potted trailing plants on the sides of your porch, and you can even tend to taller potted plants placed beside your main door.

4. Add other decorative accents.

Depending on what house style you’re going for, getting one or two decorative accents to enhance your exterior isn’t a bad idea. If you can find one that exceeds its aesthetic purpose, even better.

What about a mailbox with a color that pops but is still complementary to your house’s scheme? Emails may be the norm, but, getting a parcel from a pretty mailbox outside still seems terrific. Or a doormat beneath your front door? Yes, you can’t forget such essential accent that can welcome guests and rid their soles of dirt and grime at the same time.

Whether it’s something simple like a flag, or an arch of some sort that makes a statement, decorate your exterior to your heart’s content.

A home’s exterior sets the tone for what beauty lies further on the inside. It’s not just for the guests coming to visit, though. A beautiful exterior is also good for you and everyone who lives in it.

How nice it would be to come home to a beautiful home from inside and out!


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