Smart Ways to Get Rid of Pests This Summer


With summers just around the corner, you are naturally excited about spending more time outdoors, in your garden, sunbathing, grilling, swimming pools, and cozy evenings later.

However, in the presence of pests and insects, summer enjoyments can get down the drain. That’s why you need to gear up on pest control strategies if you want to enjoy this summer and keep pests off the bay! Read on to learn more about smart ways to get rid of pests this summer!

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Mosquitoes are annoying, cranky, itchy, and spoilers of a fun time, especially on beautiful summer evenings. You might be planning an outdoor movie night in your backyard after the sun is down, and these little monsters are buzzing around, causing nothing but annoyance.

It doesn’t matter whether you invited the mosquitoes to the movie night or not. These tiny creatures will come anyway, and make sure to spoil your fun time. Besides being a nuisance, mosquitoes are also carriers of certain illnesses, including malaria and dengue.

While planning a movie night outside this summer, make sure that you and your loved ones are wearing mosquito repellent. You will find a variety of mosquito repellents in the market and local stores, including organic ones. It is also recommended to assess your garden and eradicate all sources that have stagnant water.

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Besides the mosquitoes, we also have ticks as our essential summer guests. Ticks can be specifically found in shrubby parts of the garden where the grass is uncut, and plants are overgrown. Ticks increase in population each year due to global warming and an increased number of rodents in mild winters. Ticks are dangerous as they can cause serious illnesses, such as Lyme disease.

While hitting the rocky areas in the summer during hikes and outdoor picnics, that said, make sure that you are wearing tick-repellent clothing. It is also recommended to apply a tick repellent which is similar to the mosquito repellent. After you are back home, make sure that you thoroughly inspect for ticks.


Despite the ecological benefits and purposes of flies, these can be nothing less than a pest in the summer. Forget to take the trash out for a day or keep your pet’s business on the floor; soon, you will see flies hovering around, appearing out of nowhere. Be it inside the house or in the yard, flies are specifically irritating when serving a meal or trying to eat in peace.

We recommend using sticky flypaper in areas that can be the perfect host to the flies, such as your porch, near the trash can, and the back door. Also, keep the lid on your trash can shut tight to prevent it from attracting flies.


If you are living in a region that is specifically hot, humid, and sticky in the summer, you are not new to the invasion of gnats as this type of pest is utmost prevalent in such a climate.

Some gnats bite, whereas others don’t. Outdoors, gnats usually move in swarms, and it can get quite uncomfortable. Nonetheless, gnats can also occupy indoor places, where these are typically found in the wet spot of your house plants. You will have to spray insecticides to get rid of this pest.

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If you are a pet owner, you will more likely have to deal with fleas in the summer. If you see your dog/ cat biting, scratching themselves, the chances are high that they are hosting fleas. If you don’t check your pets for this pest regularly, the fleas will end up in the nooks and corners of your house, which can also cause tapeworms and bacterial infections. If your pet is infected with fleas, you can treat them with a topical solution. 

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