Why are Instant Pots Becoming a Must Have Kitchen Appliance


If you don’t own an instant pot yet, you’re probably wondering what all the fuss is about. At the end of the day, it’s just another kitchen appliance, right? Well, unlike most other kitchen equipment, it allows you to cook a range of different foods in a short space of time. These relatively cheap appliances allow those who struggle to make great tasting food the opportunity to cook ingredients without having to put in much effort. 

The first instant pot was introduced into the marketplace in 2010, and since then, over eight million Americans have purchased one. There are constantly new kitchen appliances entering the marketplace, but few of them manage to grow in popularity like instant pots have done over the past decade. They are still a very popular product, as sales seem to keep driving forward. So why are so many people spending their hard earned money on these multifunctional modern cookers?

They Are Inexpensive

Traditional pressure cookers aren’t that expensive, and neither are rice cookers. But when you start incorporating a slow cooker, a yogurt maker, and a sanitizer into the mix, you will probably find yourself spending a small fortune. An instant pot allows you to do all of the above, and more. You can save a lot of cash because you won’t need to invest in a lot of individual items to do different jobs. 

Surprisingly, instant pots are energy efficient, and if you want to avoid getting hit with expensive utility bills, an instant pot might prove to be a fantastic investment. We are all well aware of the problems the planet is facing, so many people are looking for kitchen appliances that don’t consume a lot of energy. Some instant pot manufacturers claim that users can reduce the amount of energy they consume by 70% by using an instant pot. A lot of people assume that a kitchen appliance that cooks at such high temperatures will consume a lot of energy, but because an instant pot cooks food quickly, it uses a lot less.

Because instant pots are typically inexpensive, and they make cooking quick and easy, you won’t be tempted to buy take-out food from your local restaurant. If you purchase take-out food regularly, you will find yourself spending a lot of money throughout the year. 

Safer Than Pressure Cookers

A lot of folks are hesitant to introduce a new cooking appliance into their kitchen, especially one that has lots of buttons and an LED screen. Some people are terrified of change, and those who are used to using traditional cooking equipment might feel reluctant to take another cooking appliance on board. However, most home cooks have used a pressure cooker in the past. 

Traditional pressure cookers have been available for the past three centuries, and are still a popular appliance today. Although they have been around for a long time, they didn’t grow in popularity until the 1940s. In the 1950s, it seemed like almost every household throughout America had a pressure cooker, but shortly after they gradually went out of fashion. The problem most people faced was that pressure cookers can cause a lot of accidents in the kitchen, often caused by the high pressure built up in the device. Unlike a standard pressure cooker, instant pots have a wide range of safety features so homeowners can sleep at night. They use sensors throughout the device so that spillages and other issues don’t occur.

However, just because instant pots are a lot safer than pressure cookers, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t follow the manufacturer’s safety guidelines. Before cooking with your instant pot, make sure that you study the instructions thoroughly. 

It’s Not Just a Digital Pressure Cooker

You can use it as a pressure cooker, but there is a range of different features which is why so many home cooks love instant pots. Here are some of the things you can do with an instant pot:

  • Saute
  • Slow cook
  • Make homemade yogurts 
  • Slow cook
  • Bottle sanitizer
  • Heating function: Without releasing the pressure, an instant pot will be able to keep your ingredients warm
  • Sous-vide function
  • You can use it as an air fryer if you invest in the additional accessories 

Most people need more than one cooking appliance when making dinner. It will open up a lot of cooking opportunities for those who enjoy cooking, and it can encourage people to try making new things. 


Cooking a healthy homemade dinner can take hours, and in today’s world, finding time to prepare and cook food sometimes feels impossible. With an instant pot, you can put your ingredients into the pot and set the timer. This way, your meal will be ready to eat whenever you want to eat it. If you have a busy day ahead, you can drop the ingredients into the pot before you go to work, set the timer, and when you return home your tasty meal will be ready. 

Cooking with traditional kitchen equipment not only takes a lot of time but cleaning up after can seem like it takes forever. Cleaning an instant pot only takes a minute. 

Recipes are Easy to Find

One Facebook instant pot group has over two million followers. There are several groups, websites, and online forums dedicated to instant pot owners. You will be able to upload your latest dishes and check out what other people are cooking. 

Sites like https://www.corriecooks.com/instant-pot-hamburger-soup/ have hundreds of delicious recipes worth looking at. You might find yourself cooking meals you have only ever dreamed of making in the past. It makes cooking complex food like Indian homemade dishes a walk in the park. These websites and social networking platforms are a great place to find like-minded people who enjoy cooking at home. Plus, you don’t need to spend money on instant pot cookbooks. 

Stay Healthy with an Instant Pot

Most of us want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but a lot of us slip up now and again. One of the main reasons why we seem to fall back into old habits is because we don’t have the appliances available in our kitchen to quickly cook healthy meals. However, instant pots are an ideal device that allows you to cook great-tasting plant-based recipes. It will help you to get bold and rich flavors out of your ingredients because it cooks the food fast. Having a device on hand that allows you to cook healthy food that is flavor-packed will help you to stay motivated when trying to maintain a healthy diet. 

Because an instant pot uses high pressure while it is cooking food, people sometimes think that it loses a lot of nutrients. Because it cooks food so quickly, it is understandable why some folks are concerned, but there are lots of studies carried out that show that there is nothing to worry about.

A study that was carried out in 1995 showed that pressure cooking was one of the best methods of cooking when it comes to retaining nutrients. Using an instant pot to cook superfoods like broccoli will preserve ninety percent of its vitamin C, which is a lot more in comparison to steaming broccoli. People who use a microwave to reheat meals often complain that the ingredients are difficult to digest, which sometimes means that our bodies won’t be able to absorb the nutrients in the food. Other studies have shown that pressure cooking can get rid of anti-nutrients too.

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