25 Awesome Ideas How To Make Wine Bottle Crafts


In the old days, people used to throw away wine bottles but nowadays craft is made using the bottle through recycling and make them eco-friendly materials which always catch eyes. If you have an empty wine bottle laying around your house make sure you recycle them by making easy fun crafts. These wine bottle craft will style and decorate your home greatly.

1. Making a creative wine Bottle Chandelier

Making a creative wine Bottle Chandelier

  • collect the discarded wine bottle of different height and colors, remove labels using a knife and a wet cloth. ensure all residue is gone,  rinse the bottle with running water. if the labels are difficult to remove consider soaking them in the water until the paper glue softens. 
  • Remove the bottoms of the bottle so that you can be able to put in the light bulbs.
  • Insert the light bulb in the socket and ensure it is well fitted in the bottle.
  • Fit on the ceiling the bottle holding plank placed on a flat surface 
  • Turn on the light switch to test the chandelier.

2. Making a wine bottle centerpieces

Making a wine bottle centerpieces

It is better to empty a wine bottle to art by making a centerpiece because it can instantly upgrade a table for any occasion.

3. Use a peacock for Christmas made from a wine bottle.

Use a peacock for Christmas made from a wine bottle

Peacock tree requires 14 bottles with 6 feet high after it is planted for a standard one which is heavier and thick.

4. Giant bottle flowers

Giant bottle flowers

As a wine lover, you should know a creative way to recycle a wine bottle and one way of doing this is by making bottle flowers which are used to decorate the home compound which shows a wide knowledge of art. 


5. Make blue bottle torch

Make blue bottle torch

Empty Bottle wine can be used to make a blow torch. It is strange and interesting because it is a new method to most of the people and also because it’s one of the least intuitive.


6. Make  Table lamp

Make  Table lamp

Making a lamp using a bottle is a very popular craft project. Modern ones have wood for decorative base and engraved metal plaque to commemorate this is highly recommended. 


7. Paint the bottle for Valentine’s Day decoration

Paint the bottle for Valentine’s Day decoration

Many people wonder what they can do with the empty bottle not knowing they can paint them using it as a valentine present to their partner.

8. Use them for hanging lantern

Use them for hanging lantern

You can use any color of the bottle since it will produce the light of a bottle’s color which is used in lighting the house.

9. Wine bottle candle holder

Wine bottle candle holder

Most of the kids are using scraps of papers to make some wine bottles to be used as candle holders which they will then present to  their moms for mother’s Day.


10. Light

Empty wine bottles become a big question to the wine drinkers asking themselves what they will do with them.

Empty wine bottles become a big question to the wine drinkers asking themselves what they will do with them. The answer lies between getting rid of them or doing something awe-inspiring which is using them for lighting their home and also acts as a decoration as this will help in maintaining the environment and by this, it inspires others to follow suit.


11. Recycled shelving and table

Recycled shelving and table

Wine Bottle would be an alternative idea of making shelves as wood is expensive and this bottle is waste material which is non- biodegradable as it takes a long time to decay and the choice is the best to use.


12. Used as Hummingbird feeder

Used as Hummingbird feeder

Materials that you need to make this Hummingbird feeder are empty wine bottles and the more colorful the better as bright colors are the best, copper tube and copper wire.


13. Wind chimes

Wind chimes

The first official way of making glass bottle chimes is cutting off the bottom of your glass bottle using a glass bottle cutter, and also the following materials are needed: a jewelry chain, 3 key rings, wooden wheel, and stone pendant.


14. Bottle clock

Bottle clock

This great idea comes from a need to use cut-offs used to make bottle lampshades. This is considered a good alternative to reuse wine bottles.

15. User Designed Table

User Designed Table

This is the fun way of both spending your leisure time and also recycling an empty wine bottle making a designed table that is versatile both function and decorative.


16. Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree

Many people now have an excuse to drink extra wine all year long because they will use the empty bottle to make a Christmas tree at the end for celebrations and decorating the home.


17. Bottle Tree

Bottle Tree

When making this tree place your wine rack where you want your tree to go and wrap the frame cords light.


18. Repurposed Bottle Tree

Repurposed Bottle Tree

Bottletree are colorful and have whimsical decorations, they have an ancient history that originated from Central Africa many centuries ago and they believed that it kept evil spirits from entering the house. 


19. Wine Bottle Curtain

Wine Bottle Curtain

Wine bottles are available even in rural areas and make the environment messy thus it is recommended that people should recycle them and by this people can make bottle curtains as it uses many bottles. This is the best way of decorating a home.

20. Wine Bottle Plant

Wine Bottle Plant

By using this method plants do not suffer even when you are on vacation because it keeps the plant hydrated by simple plant water made of the glass bottle. 



The above highlight point and images are evidence that an empty wine bottle has a wide range of use thus it should be recycled.


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