5 Ways to Make Your Garage Door Quieter


It is annoying to have a garage door that squeaks, shrieks, and rattles, every time you open or close it. Shockingly, some homeowners claim, a garage door creates disturbance all day long and causes trouble in every room of the house. It is quite a warning signal but ultimately, there are ways to get rid of the extra noise in the house.

There are several tips discreet with the garage door manufacturers, so you must contact them when you have such an issue. Most garage doors cause a vibration when you open them. However, don’t worry if this problem is taking a big toll on your ears because we will help you in getting rid of it in this article.

1. Tighten The Nuts and Bolts

The first step to make the garage door quieter is to tighten the bolts and nuts on the door. Even if there is little space left to keep things intact, your door will give out weird noises throughout the day.

However, make sure not to over tighten nuts, otherwise, they might get broken. Once everything is snug, the next step is to open and close the door to ensure there’s no noise coming out from it.

2. Inspect Rollers

If you have metal rollers under your garage door, they will always cause noise. So don’t forget to inspect your rollers when identifying loopholes. It is better if you settle for nylon rollers because they are less dense and don’t give out much noise.

Secondly, they require less maintenance as compared to metal rollers. Keep in mind, if you incorporate standard 5 section doors, they will require multiple rollers. If you don’t have hands on experience of replacing rollers before, it is better to consult an expert.

3. Readjust Garage Door Locks

Sometimes, all you need to do is to readjust your garage door locks to make things work. After checking the bola and gaskets, if your garage door is running out of the structure, there is no harm in calling in an expert and getting it corrected. Also, check to make sure locking bars are in the right position.

Sometimes, the lock bar starts to hit the track that gives out a lot of noise. If there is any misalignment in the garage door, it is best to find the L shaped bracket attached to the door.

4. Check The Insulation Strip

Most garage doors give disturbing noises when the insulation strip is missing or is stuck at the bottom of the door. Keep in mind, with a missing insulation strip, your house will much likely run the chances of welcoming water from outside during the rainfall season.

Visit Soundproof Panda to know the services they offer with regards to the insulation strip. A lot of people make a common mistake of doing everything on their own. It is better to consult veteran experts on such matters.

5. Apply Lubricant To The Locks

Not to forget, when a door crosses its average life, it is common for the different parts to start giving out the noise because of friction. If you can afford to replace your old garage door, the best way to get rid of the disturbing sounds is to apply a lubricant in the door locks. You can easily get a lubricant for the door type online. However, if you want to make things work during the summer season, it is better to use a spray instead of a lubricant.

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