How to Clean Your Gas Grill?


We are finally in the era of grilling & barbeque and love to lit things up. For this very reason, serving our hunger is of utmost importance, and grills can do a lot better for us. Hot crispy grilled chicken & veggies are a treat to family evenings & friend’s night party.

For a winter treat, you can definitely think about buying a gas grill, as it will be the best way to spend a chilly night with your bunch of lovelies.

Although, buying a gas grill isn’t a complicated task, because if you end up buying a branded one, you will always have great quality satisfaction. But when it comes to cleaning the gas grill, that’s when the pain begins.

You have to ensure it is safe, secure and efficient in the working condition, and this can only happen if you keep it clean and tidy.  

Before cleaning, let’s make it clear. You will need different tools and materials handy for the cleaning process: 

What Are the Requirements?

  1. Gloves
  2. Cleaning rags
  3. Brush for cleaning
  4. Soap and water
  5. Paper Towels
  6. Putty Knife

If you have it, great! If you don’t, spend a little penny, as it is a must to have it.  

Let’s begin with the cleaning process, ready? 

Instructions to Follow

1. Have clean supplies handy

As discussed above, those cleaning supplies should be kept in hand. Make sure you do not miss out on a single one given on the list. A grill brush, paper towels bristle brush are few things that you must-have for your cleaning needs. Now let’s go further with the details.

2. Turn off your gas supply

The most important thing about grills are, they are hot, not all the time, but post using it. Thus, if you want to clean a grill, make sure the gas supply is turned off. Flowing gas can be big trouble while cleaning, as the lid will be moisturized throughout. Another reason to switch off is, it will prevent you from being hurt because of the hotness around.

3. Clean the grill grates

You have bought a grill brush for this very step. Cleaning the grill grates can be done smoothly with the help of brushes. Also remember that you have to wash the grill brush thoroughly with water and keep in it, so the sun soaks it.

Grill grates are a very important element, as it is the one you will be grilling your veggies & chicken on.

4. Bottom of the Grill Cleaning

Brush out all the debris or leftovers that are situated or stuck in the bottom of the grill. This way you will allow no dust or remaining particles to stay longer in your gas grill.

Gas grills are not like electric ones, they have to be cleaned properly because single debris will avoid you in preparing delicious tempting barbeque.

If not with the brush, take a normal wet cloth or wet wipes and clean it throughout, you will be left with a clean bottom, which also adds as a hygienic element.

5. Grease Collection Tray

You can use soap or liquid soap to clean the tray. Trays are important to store your barbeque and keep in on the grilling machine. Thus, a good quality, clean and durable tray should be your first set of aims before cleaning.

If you think that the grill tray is damaged in any sense, make sure you purchase a new one and use a brand new, as old ones get dirty, the debris stuck on it and prevent you from grilling your veggies properly.

Cooked proper food is what you must focus on and the quality of your gas grill machine is one way to get it done.

6. Focus on the outer part of the grill

Done with working on the interior part? Let’s look out what lies in the outer area of your gas grill. A hygienic grill is when you keep it at a safe and secure place, away from dust and dirt. Secondly, it should be cleaned almost every week. Or post using it, because dust can prevent you from cooking healthy and safe food.

All the products that you have bought for your grill cleaning should also be cleaned well. Because the materials that are used to clean the drills need to be in good condition before-hand. Once you are done with the cleaning, you can enjoy a relaxed time with your dear ones.

Enjoy an evening with tempting barbequed cuisine, drinks & a lot more fun with the games. Let nothing spoil your night, time with your loved ones and a grand tasteful cuisine is what you deserve on weekends.

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