All the Ways to Make Your Workplace Efficient and Productive


Employees are the biggest asset of any business. If they are happy, they are likely to be efficient and productive. A day has only so many hours and you need to take advantage of them. There are plenty of ways to improve efficiency and productivity at your workplace. They include the following:

Track the Time You Spend on Tasks

Take note of the time you spend on the different tasks at your workplace. Limit the time you use to complete various tasks to promote productivity. While most businesses think they know how much they are spending on different tasks, research suggests that is not true.

Only 17 percent of businesses can give an accurate estimate of the time they spend on different tasks. There are tools to help you determine the amount of time you are spending on regular tasks.

Keep Employees Happy

Make the work environment safe and attractive to your employees. If they are always operating under stressful conditions, they are unlikely to be engaged and productive at work. If your employees know that you appreciate them, they will put in the effort to be more productive.


Delegation may be worth the risk when you want to improve productivity in your business. Assign responsibilities to qualified members of your team. It promotes a sense of job satisfaction and lets employees know that you trust them. Allowing your employees to gain leadership and skills will be great for both your business and employees. It gives their careers a sense of direction.

Avoid Unnecessary Meetings

Meetings take up a lot of time. They can reduce efficiency and productivity at your workplace. Avoid unnecessary meetings to save time. On average, workers can spend more than 31 hours every month in meaningless meetings. Before booking a meeting, find out if you can accomplish the same goal with web-based meetings, phone call calls, or emails.

Observe the Two-Minute Rule

Research suggests that the ‘Two-minute rule’ may be a great way to promote productivity and efficiency at work. The rule encourages you to take advantage of all the time you get. The rule is that if you see a task that you can complete within two minutes, you have to do it immediately. According to researchers, completing a task immediately will take less time than waiting to get back to it.

Regular Breaks

Even though this may seem counterintuitive, it is a great idea. Schedule regular short breaks to improve your productivity and interaction when you get back to work. Short breaks, especially when you are trying to complete long tasks, will help you maintain good performance. Failure to take breaks may affect employees’ performance.

Don’t Chase of Perfection

The illusion of perfection may cause you to waste a lot of valuable time. When entrepreneurs are trying to improve efficiency at work, they are likely to get stuck on the idea of perfection.

Instead of wasting a lot of time trying to perfect a task, do it as well as you can, and move on to the next one. Completing a task and moving it off your plate will help you save time. If improvements need to be done, you can complete them later.

Avoid Distractions

Social media is a big distraction at work. It reduces productivity and employees may waste a lot of time on it. Especially while people are so curious to grow their popularity and try to buy LinkedIn likes from EarthWeb or buy Facebook likes from different sources. It really consumes a lot of time on social media growth. According to the team at, you need to come up with creative policies to limit the use of phones during working hours. Keep your employees engaged and focused at work without pushing them too hard.

Avoid Multitasking

Multitasking may seem like a great idea but it isn’t. Even though it may be important in some areas, it is not a good idea when you need to improve efficiency at work. Commit to one task and complete it before moving on to the next one.

Self-Imposed Deadlines

Deadlines can improve efficiency even when they are self-imposed. Even though stress is often associated with negativity, it can be a good thing. It helps you focus on specific goals and achieve them. Deadlines are important when you have an open-ended project.

Use the Right Equipment and Tools

Giving your employees the appropriate tools and equipment may improve their productivity and efficiency. Modern equipment and high-quality programs will make a huge difference in the workplace and your image. Save time and effort by investing in the right tools and equipment.

In conclusion, there are many ways to improve efficiency and productivity in your workplace. The main ones include improving the work environment, regular breaks, and investing in the appropriate tools and equipment.


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