15 Clever Hacks For Avocado Lovers


There is no doubt that not only for their taste but also for their rich nutrition, avocados are a favorite to many. Are you among many lovers of avocado? If yes, then you need to learn much more about the great fruit. And it’s not about how your health benefits, it’s about some easy yet very necessary hacks of avocado.

Clever Hacks For Avocado Lovers

1. Use avocados when you don’t want to do the dishes

Use avocados when you don’t want to do the dishes

Edible bowls are much more thrilling than bowls made from ceramic. With the eggs and avocado you can make a perfect meal. Cut the avocado in half, and smash the avocado hole into the egg.

Bake it, and voila, ready for your breakfast. Pleasant and nutritious. Let’s go through the steps: All you need to do is cut an avocado in half, pick out a little of the fruit, and crack an egg right in every fifth. Bake for about 20 minutes at 425oF, and say hello to a mixed meal.


2. The benefit of avocados go beyond food

The benefit of avocados go beyond food

Not only do the avocados taste like paradise, they make you beautiful even more! All you need is really ripe avocado, coconut oil, and egg to make this hair mask shiny and improve. You can use variations with these masks by adding different oils depending upon the type of your hair.


3. Mix sour cream to make great guacamole

Mix sour cream to make great guacamole

Mayo makes creamy guacamole even more luscious and rich, mix it up with avocados for the creamiest dip


4. Want an avocado tree? Grow one!

Want an avocado tree? Grow one!

Save the pit to grow your own avocado tree, this can be fun if you’re into gardening. It might just give you the motivation to add more avocado into your daily routine

5. We all love pasta

We all love pasta

When it comes to pasta dishes, we all have a favorite. Try adding some lemon and avocado sauce to make it taste delicious


6. Are you trying to eat healthy?

Are you trying to eat healthy?

If you are trying to adopt a healthy lifestyle, you will like this one. Avocados are a good, dairy-free substitute for butter. Use it in anything, from cookies to cake to muffin and brownies.


7. Learn the difference between good avocado and bad avocado

Learn the difference between good avocado and bad avocado

When you have your avocado picked, peel off the stem and look below. The fruit is fully ripe and ready to eat, if it is bright green. If it’s brown below, your avocado is typically over-ripe and a little brown all over.


8. Keep them from going brown

Keep them from going brown

The best way is to peel them in half and put an oil coat on the flesh. This will keep them fresh for longer.

9. More on browning

More on browning

Place it in an airtight container with a sliced red onion once you’ve cut your avocado, to help keep it from browning. Onions give off sulfur gases, which, until halved, avoid the avocado from oxidizing.

Don’t worry: The odor of the onion will have no effect on your avocado’s taste. Put it in the crisper in the fridge. 


10. Can’t wait for those avocados to ripe?

Can’t wait for those avocados to ripe?

Store avocados and apples or bananas in a plastic bag to ripen faster. Fun fact: bananas and apples contain a lot of ethylene gas that naturally speeds up the process of ripening in other fruits and vegetables

11. Quick way to ripe that avocado

Quick way to ripe that avocado

Craving guacamole only to find out the avocado isn’t ripe? Don’t fret. Wrap the entire avocado tightly in foil and bake it in the oven for 10 minutes at 200 ° F. The avocado will not be perfectly mature at 100 percent, but it will certainly be softer and ready to eat.
Instantly ripen them in the oven

12. Avocado Smoothie!

Avocado Smoothie!

Freeze pure avocados to fast smoothie starters in ice trays. In a food processor, pulsate avocados and lemon juice, then freeze the mixture into ice cube trays. So, you’ve always set aside a small amount of avocado for your morning smoothie.


13. Keep ‘em fresh all year round

Keep ‘em fresh all year round

When the avocados are in season, halve them, pit them, cover them with lemon juice and put them on parchment paper in the freezer cut-side down. Once solid, you can store the halves of avocado in a plastic bag, and defrost them whenever you want. Coat the halves in lemon juice and then freeze them for perfectly ripe avocados year-round.


14. Overripe avocado for beauty

Overripe avocado for beauty

What if your avocado gets too ripe to eat? Nothing is going into waste. An overripe avocado still has its vitamins intact and you can use it for your skin or hair

15. Remove the seed with a spoon

Remove the seed with a spoon

You can eliminate the risk of cutting yourself with a knife when removing the seed from the middle of the fruit in the traditional way. Instead of using a sharp knife to stab the seed and twist it out, simply get a tablespoon and scoop underneath the seed and lift it out of the fruit. There’s no risk and very little mess.


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