Backsplash Tile Designs in the Modern Kitchen: Contemporary Wall Tile for the Kitchen Backsplash

Backsplash Tile Designs in the Modern Kitchen: Contemporary Wall Tile for the Kitchen Backsplash
As wall tile continues to evolve so does its applications. Kitchen backsplash tile designs are the perfect way to utilize contemporary design.

Homeowners installing a kitchen backsplash may be unsure of the various ways to use contemporary tile designs, shapes and styles. Which direction should these patterns be installed?

Can two shapes be combined? Where on the backsplash should a tile pattern be laid? The answer to these questions lays in both the tile and in the space.

Rectangular Mosaic Patterns

Stix, falling water patterns and other rectangular mosaic tile designs frequently puzzle homeowners when the decision to install them is made. Should the pattern be installed vertically or horizontally?

The answer to this question lays in the shape of the kitchen. Vertical patterns will draw the eye upward, while horizontal patterns will draw the eye from side to side.

Kitchens with low ceilings or cabinets, or kitchens where the tile will be utilized on the entire wall, not just between cabinet and counter should install these patterns vertically. Small kitchens, with short runs of backsplash space should install the patterns horizontally.

Combining Shapes

Circles, thin rectangles, star bursts and other shapes are becoming increasingly popular as kitchen backsplash tile shapes. Using one shape, however, whether traditional or contemporary does not limit the homeowner to using only that shape.

Penny tiles of varying sizes can be installed not just as a field tile, but as a border for other backsplash tile shapes. Thin, rectangular tile designs, such as Stix can be installed above or below circles, or horizontally on the counters, while another shape or materials fills the area behind the cooktop.

When combining shapes within a space, make sure that the sensibilities of the materials work together. Rustic tiles combine well with handmade or hand cut tiles, glass tiles and contemporary ceramic tiles work well together. Custom colored tiles, which are available in multiple shapes, can make use of the same color pallet throughout the kitchen, to achieve a highly varied design.

For homeowners inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright and Arts and Crafts style tile designs, backsplash tile ideas can stem from the architects use of shapes. Combine tiles of multiple sizes in rectangles, squares and circles of various colors for an eclectic, modern kitchen tile design.

Tiles with Impressions

Among the newer styles of tile today, are ceramic wall paper tiles. These three dimensional tiles will interlock with one another to form a continuous pattern. Install them throughout the kitchen backsplash, or use them just behind the cooktop or sink, with a more sedate field for texture and interest.

Kitchen backsplash tile can be installed throughout the kitchen, or confined to areas behind the sink and cooktop. Use a kitchen backsplash to personalize the kitchen and finalize the kitchen design. Look for contemporary new tile designs and start creating a unique and personal tile design today.


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