30+ Best Bathroom Shower Tile Ideas


Renovating or interior upgrade for the house could be taxing because everything should be well-thought of up to the last detail.

Choosing tiles for the room and bathroom could be one of the most important things to give time to because it needs a huge deal of knowing what colors to combine and what theme you are eyeing for.

If you are one of those people who shall embark on home renovation soon or probably is thinking about it but is not yet done with tile picking for your bathroom specifically, you might need these bathroom shower tile ideas. 

Tips in choosing the right bathroom shower tile idea 

There are many reasons as to why it is okay to be picky with your bathroom tiles and it all starts with these tips.

1. When in doubt, always pick what you already have in mind

There is always that tile idea that is already on mind even before the actual picking starts. This will actually help in picking the right bathroom shower tile because you already have a color and accent in mind. Most often than not, all your choices after will revolve around this design so this is quite an important tip to anchor on. 

2. Limit your choices to the top three picks

It is easy to scour and see a lot of tile ideas but not all of them will be appropriate for your bathroom shower. While you roam around the tile depot, make a mental ranking of the top three tile designs that truly got your attention while you imagine the overall aesthetics of your bathroom shower. From there, narrow down the choice and pick the best one that you think will really manifest what you want for your bathroom shower.

3. Consider future cleaning and maintenance

While there are a lot of beautiful designs, not all of them are convenient to maintain. This is the reason why ceramic tiles will never run out of style. Cleaning is hard especially if the bathroom shower is very spacious so you might want to consider this tip seriously. 

30+ Bathroom Shower Tile Ideas

Now that you know how important it is to choose bathroom shower tiles and the tips that you could consider for this, here are some of the most tagged bathroom shower tile ideas that you can choose from or be inspired about. 

1. Wood Design Porcelain Tiles

Of course, real wood is not advisable for bathroom showers but if you are eyeing for that rustic feel in the bathroom, you may opt for wood designs using porcelain tiles. This porcelain wood design would complement well with gray or earth tone colored tiles for the shower room like this one. 

2. Variegated Marble Shower Tiles

These tiles commonly have a white base with streaks of gray, light brown or faint green.  Because the streaks seem to go with the flow of the water, they are go-to tiles for many bathroom shower rooms. Grouting them with gold would add to elegance to the shower room like this one from houzz:

3. Woven Shower Tiles

These bathroom shower tile designs make the whole bathroom inviting and pleasing to the eye because of its uniqueness and also because there is a very intimate feeling that comes with it. You can use this design from floor to wall. It will really make the white tub, sink and toilet homey and stand out because of the basket weave design. Just look at this design from wayfair

4. Graphic Bathroom and Shower Tiles

You can also be bold and edgy in your bathroom and shower tiles with ceramic and porcelain tiles with graphic designs and geometric overlays. These tiles commonly come in blue colors with light blue accents that will give you the Moroccan or Santorini feel as it matches your white tub or sink. Just take a look at this graphic porcelain tile from houzz

5. Mosaic Tiles

You can always go with the minimalistic design and give off that less is more vibe with white and silver mosaic tiles. Made of glass and stones, these tiles will add texture and elegance in your bathroom and shower. It would surely make an impact on glass-door shower rooms. To give you a view of how it would look like, look at this shower room with mosaic tiles from Houzz:

6-30. More bathroom shower tiles


Tiles would really have an effect on your bathroom and shower rooms not only for the purpose of making it look good but more importantly on what you will feel while you are inside.

Bathrooms and shower rooms are like sanctuaries of our thoughts and a private space where we could think and be ourselves and we fully understand why people are investing in them. Needless to say, it all starts with choosing the right bathroom and shower room tiles.

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