How to Decorate Your Guest Bathroom


Renovating a guest bathroom is an exciting décor project you don’t run into every day. A guest bathroom has got to sparkle! You want it warm and welcoming to any friends or family staying with you. Deciding what to put in it may not be as apparent as a master bathroom.

Guest bathroom décor is similar to what you’d put into a non-guest bathroom, except the personality is turned up a notch. You want to make a good impression in your décor choices. Go the extra mile to make the room look immaculate, charming, and comfortable.

Decorating and accessorizing the guest bathroom will turn a bland space into an inviting one. Here is how to decorate this room to showcase it.

1. Hooks

Hooks are fun ways to decorate a guest bathroom. You can go with a plain design or mix things up with iconography taken from the beach, ocean, or in a sailor’s theme. Hooks can be industrial, vintage, sleek, rustic, mid-century, or minimalist. It’s up to how you see your guest bathroom vibe going.

2. Shower Head

A rain-style shower head is a super luxurious way to style your bathroom. Combine that with premium-grade state-of-the-art faucets and fixtures, and you can blow someone away. With the right wholesale home décor surrounding these essential elements, you’ll achieve a stylish guest bathroom.

3. Light Fixtures

Always go for luxurious, classic light fixtures. You don’t want anything overly adventurous, so try sleek, modern, or traditional themes. A lovely matte or metallic light fixture can exist on its own. You can also combine with the sink fixtures, but they do not necessarily have to relate.

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4. Classic Candle

More fairly simple décor for a guest bathroom is a candle. In a candle holder either on the countertop or mounted on the wall, a candle presents relaxing lighting that can either be romantic or calming. Either way, this home décor is an excellent way for someone to wind down their day and shows that you care.

5. Cute, Fun Planter

A bathroom doesn’t have to be such a serious place. Add a cute, quirky planter in there with a plant of your choosing. A colorful flower can pop if everything else is relatively clean and singularly white. The greenery can add more color to your décor and guest bathroom setup.

6. Fun Signage

Signage is another way to decorate your guest bathroom to get a bit of a laugh or simply ease the experience of using a new bathroom. It gives guests something to look at, shows a little personality, and is a way to populate the walls with something that’s not overly busy or colorful. You can successfully maintain the aesthetic you already have going without interference.

7. Essential Oil Diffuser

If you want to blow someone’s socks off, add an essential oil diffuser with a small oil selection. Wow! They’ll feel like they’re staying at a new luxury hotel. Aromatics are a great way to cover lingering odors. It will also give guests something to relax with if they’re taking a long end-of-day bath.

8. Small Bath Kit

Make a guest bathroom as tranquil a setting as you can. A basket with some material inside or even a box, platter, or bag in the proper context works. A bath kit in a decorative basket might include items like a loofah, bath salts, bath bombs, and body wash. These items show appreciation and blend another décor item into your aesthetic.

9. Garbage Can And Hamper

You can’t get around the need for a garbage can in a guest bathroom, so use it as a décor opportunity. You can apply the same theory to a dirty laundry hamper if your guest stays for longer than a few days. These are all chances to contribute to your décor theme, selecting materials, colors, or textures that match and resemble a set.

10. Artistic, Minimalist Shower Curtain

Your shower curtain is like having a blank canvas on which you can put almost anything. It is the bathroom’s most decorative element. If you expect a mix of guests, stick with neutral-toned minimalist shower curtains.

If you want to surprise the person who is staying here, investing in a customized shower curtain. Ultimately, it’s up to the decorator, but it doesn’t hurt to have one or two shower curtains on hand.

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11. Guest Bathroom Supplies

You don’t want your guests having to feel embarrassed about asking for any bathroom supplies. Be proactive and provide a nice setup of towels, toilet paper, soap, and shampoo.

Everything here is an opportunity to turn a storage problem into a décor-friendly solution. Some examples include a toilet paper holder, a stack of towels, or a shampoo dispenser. On the proper budget, there’s a lot of luxury you can add without over-accentuating a space. If you’re looking for more quality products for your guest bathroom, check out ArchiPro.

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