50 Best Bathroom Lighting Ideas and Designs For Every Style


Contrary to the general belief, the bathroom is not a room that we spend a couple of minutes in. Mostly, it is the first room that we go to in the morning to see our face; after a long tiring day, it is the room to wash the day off.

The effect of lightning is often under-rated. A warm, dime lighting will make you feel relaxed, and a white flash can wake you up. Let’s take a look at 50 best bathroom lighting ideas to see what can be improved in our bathrooms!

1. Brass Lighting

Brass lighting will give a dime and cozy feeling to your bathroom and look very chick on a dark Wall or a cold color like blue. It will create a softer impression.

2. Chandelier

A Chandelier can create a luxurious or an abstract look in your bathroom, dependent on your general decoration. You can create a contrast look If you have a modern room.

3. Complementary Pieces

These nickel sconces might not create a lot of light in your bathroom; however, it is so clear that they will create a lot of glam when they fit nicely to your Wall and match your mirror.

4. Industrial Way

It is not very hard to give your small bathroom a style with some industrial touch! The wooden sink and periwinkle walls are completed with these Edison bulbs and the metal body of the lightning.

5. Mirror Lighting

This is such a wake-up call as White lightning has such an effect. It is also very useful for Daily to make up sessions. Besides the practical side, these mirror lightings are also very chick!

6. Basic scones

It is always good to choose the side of the basics. These classical metal scones are creating a farmhouse atmosphere as they complete the look with the simple wooden mirror.

7. Crystal Clear

This one will create a luxurious, traditional look to your bathroom.

8. Modern Pieces

This is a clear way to an elegant and modern bathroom. You can add some modern lightning accessories and enjoy the comfort of the basic!

9. Boxie Ceiling

These kinds of boxy lightings can fit every kind of bathroom and will add a very modern and chic look. Dependent on the need for lighting you have, you can go with a huge one or a small and simple one.

10. Round Lighting

Round lightnings can add a soft and modern look to your bathroom, you can create a very zen and relaxing look with their minimalistic style.

11. Globe Lighting

Globe-like lightings are also very chic and trendy; you can prefer a more elliptical or around one depending on your decoration taste! Although they won’t create a very bright atmosphere, they will add a lot of coziness!

12. Led Lightings

Led lightings will add a lot of light to your bathroom, which might be very practical for small ones. They are also quite eco-friendly as they don’t use much energy. They have many different shapes; those bar-LEDs are quite basic and elegant.

13. Sculptural

Those sculptural ones will add a bold statement to your bathroom; to make it the center of attention, you can prefer a contrast color. They are available with different shapes so you can prefer a more round one or a square-shaped one dependent on your taste.

14. Retro Touch

You can add a Retro chic look with some vintage lightings to your very ordinary bathroom. You can also add some color or create some contrast look with these kinds of lighting accessories.

15. Glass Lighting

You can never go wrong with a glass one! It will add a simple but stylish look to your bathroom!

16. Rustic Lighting

With some old-school but perfectly chick rustic accessories, you can give your bathroom a look from another century!

17. Starts on the ceiling

With some wired led buried on your ceiling, you can chill under the stars! It will create a cozy and romantic atmosphere in your bathroom.

18. Add Some Geometry

You can use geometrically shaped lightings to add some movement and energy to your bathroom. This can get along well with minimal bathroom design.

19. Swinging lights

Swinging lights can add a lot of glam and create a very elegant atmosphere in your bathroom. You can support that look with other accessories.

20. Open Ceiling

The best way of anything is a natural way! With an open ceiling, you can have a lot of sunlight in your bathroom and add some bulbs for the evening time. If you prefer solar-charged bulbs, then this idea will be quite eco-friendly and also a low budget!

21-52. Stunning bathroom lighting ideas


We gathered some examples of bathroom lightning in order to inspire you. As it is said, the sky’s the limit! You can personalize your bathroom with whatever reflects your own style; there are no designing rules anymore!

Image credits: lowes,Hudson Interior Designs, Rebecca Hay Interior Design, The Pankonien Group, Nicole Davis Interiors, Sita Montgomery, Blackband Home and Design, houzz, boxwoodclippings, Real Homes, Elle Decor

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