30+ English Garden Design Ideas Turn Your Backyard into A Charming Oasis


Instead of highly planned and shaped structures of plants and their colors, English Garden design means making a more natural transition of the plants by creating more smooth color changes and architecture.

The inspiration for English gardens is coming from 18th century England. English gardens are rich in herbs, nice hedges, fluid borders of flowers, and more. Of course, you don’t have to be a resident of Great Britain; you can have your own English garden by some tricks and hacks.

If you want to know more in order to make your garden look like a renaissance painting, here comes the 30+ English Garden Design Ideas Turn Your Backyard Into A Charming Oasis! 

1. Pastel colors

Pastel colors are a treat for the eyes. Trees like weeping cherry and magnolia or pastel-colored tulips, petunias will create this dreamy pastel paradise.  

2. Use contrast

Trust the power of the contrast; inside this pastel heaven, you can add some bright colors like the yellow forsythia! It will create a bold statement in your garden.

3. Art of the Boundaries

There should be some boundaries between here and there, which can be used as small paths in your garden. It would be better If you go with natural stones or warm you can create these boundaries in a very natural and elegant way.

4. Arbor of Roses

Roses are an English way of showing romance and affection. You should not only think in a horizontal direction, but you can go vertical with an arbor of roses! That will create the signature touch of English Gardens.  

5.Use of Smells


The best part of having a beautiful garden is being surrounded by alluring smells. You can never go wrong with lavender, with their delicate structure and nice smell they will fit nicely to your English garden.  

6. Use hedges

Use some large bushes to add an elegant statement to your garden. It will create a well-groomed and elegant look.

7. If possible, a brick wall. 

If you want to add some privacy to a specific area in your garden, or If there is a useless, ugly looking wall that you want to include to the game, a brick wall maybe with some ivy can be a very chick detail.

8. Create layers


You should add some form and shape to your garden! This is a very English way to shape it!  Taller trees can be used as the upper layer, mid-height plants, and perfectly shaped small glasses can create different segments of your garden.

9. A Welcoming Door


A welcoming door is one of the essential parts of your garden. It should look inviting and cozy, yet elegant. If it fits the general colors of your garden, a white door will ideally look very English with some surrounding greens.

10. Romantic details


Clematis, which climbs up fences, some more roses, geraniums, will add a very romantic atmosphere to your garden. Besides your lovely flowers, you can also add some accessories like birdhouses or small wooden lamps.

11. Textures

Some plants are chosen for their beautiful smell when some were selected for their interesting textures! You can try variegated ribbon grass, meadow sage, or purple catmint to add different textures to your garden! 

12. Need for geometry

Consider the geometry that you are creating, the accessories that you choose, the paths that split your garden should be in harmony so that nothing would cause an eyesore.

13. Hideaways

It is lovely to create some areas to read, to spend some time with your beloved ones, or to have a 5 o’clock tea. You can consider a pergola, summerhouse, or a plain set of outdoor furniture depends on your taste!

14. Put a bench on it


A lovely wooden bench surrounded by flowers that is very English! You can even place it under a huge tree to create more coziness and appreciate the shadows created by trees.

15. Add some maths

When you are creating your own garden, you should consider seasonal changes and the nature of your plants like If they are double blooming, etc., By planting different kinds of plants together, your garden will never look dull.  

16. Create color gradients 

Using plants with different tones of the same color can create a lovely look! For example, to create a purple gradient, you can choose Geranium, Salvia Nemorosa, Knautia Macedonica. 

17. Add a gate

A gate to separate different areas of your garden will create a more profound and mysterious atmosphere to your garden.

18. Pond or fountain

Adding a pond or a fountain will help you to add a movement to your garden and switch between green and blue colors. 

19. Create clumps of beauty

Despite planting randomly, create clumps of flowers. Between owner-grown ornamentals, these clumps will look lovely!

20. Experiment

At the end of the day, it is your garden! Don’t overthink the details; use unique shapes and textures, and personalize it! Creating your own garden is your journey and try to enjoy the process. 


With some tricks and hacks, it is not hard to create the garden of your dreams. Even If you go with high budget designing tools or more budget-friendly equipment, you will be The Queen or The King of your garden.


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Sophia Rivera is a passionate gardener and home improvement expert based in California. With a deep-rooted love for nature and design, she pursued her Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture from the prestigious University of California, Berkeley. Sophia is not only academically qualified but also a hands-on practitioner in the field. Her certification as a Master Gardener from the California Master Gardener Program is a testament to her extensive knowledge and commitment to gardening and sustainable living. Sophia's expertise is further solidified by her status as a LEED Accredited Professional, highlighting her dedication to green building and eco-friendly home improvement practices. With over a decade of experience in transforming homes and gardens, Sophia has become a trusted name in California's home improvement scene. Her work focuses on creating beautiful, sustainable, and functional spaces that cater to the unique lifestyle and environmental conditions of California.


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