20 Clever Ways To Use Mason Jars In Your Garden


Mason jars are extremely useful. Their purpose is to stuff things in them and preserve them the way they are. Because they are made of glass they are also healthy. In addition the usage of mason jars is not limited to stuffing.

Especially if you have the imagination. What if we say there are some amazing ways you can use them in your patio. Let’s take a look at 20 clever ideas to use your mason jars in your garden.

1. Butterfly Feeder

Source: hometalk, myfrugaladventures,  burpee

Want to pull more butterflies into your garden? Build a sugar-watered Mason jar feeder and they will hang around to pollinate your plants in no time. Let the butterflies do the decoration for you.

2. Hanging Candle Holder

Source: Skip To My Lou, Hopeful Honey

Using the neon cord to string a macrame candle holder, the perfect match for a Mason jar that will make your yard light up into the night.

3. Jar Lid Label

Source: The Prudent Garden, Mod Podge Rocks,

Yeah, lids can be useful too! Upgrade them to crafty plant labels for your garden which will help you identify vegetables quickly.

4. Flower Vase


This one is very basic. Keep many Mason jars around your home to be used as rustic vases, ideal to keep beautiful blooms from your garden.

5. Outdoor Chandelier


Light up your backyard with white string lights from inside the Mason Jars. This chandelier-style lantern, hanging on the side of your house, provides the ideal atmosphere for sleeping under the stars.

6. Bubbles in a Jar

Source Information: Crystal and Comp, My Frugal Adventures

You can use this fast and simple recipe to make your own bubbles, then hand over the bubbles to your kids in a big Mason jar to play with outside while you’re gardening

7. Solar Charged Lanterns

Source Information: Thrift Dee, Joyfully Treasured

Looking for a more environmentally aware way to lighten up your backyard? House solar lamps, which can be suspended from fence posts in Mason jars could do the trick. Apply stone pebbles to the bottom of the jars so they do not move from the wind.

8. Herb Garden

Source Information: Buzzfeed, Uncommon Goods, Camille Styles

How about a continuous fresh herbal supply whenever you want at your disposal. Something like this would come in very handy.

9. Wind Chimes


This craft takes a little bit more time and energy because you need to cut and drill glass, but it’s worth the end result! These adorable chimes, hanging from your porch ceiling, will look beautiful and sound welcoming.

10. Citronella Candle

Source: Marty Smusings, Adventure in Making, Best Day of The Week

With this simple recipe you can create light for yourself in style at the same time It will keep the bugs away.

11. Bird Feeder

Source: 2 Bees In a Pod, The Country Chic Cottage,

Very simple. Get a chicken feeder and fix It on a mason jar filled with bird seed. Then use some wires to hang It. Feed the birds, improve your backyard design and feed your soul.

12. Glowstick Lamps

Source: Creative Green Living, Mrs Happy Homemaker

These will light up your garden amazingly at night. A perfect decor for a fun night out at your patio. It is one of the easiest crafts you can make. Just fill your Mason jars with glow sticks.

13. Mini Greenhouse


By using mason jars as mini greenhouses for small plants you can protect them from cold or wind. Use them when they are just

14. Welcome Sign


Of Course no home is a home without a welcome sign. You can make something like this easily and put it on your front garden or hang on your door.You should use this when starting seedlings. Just wash the jars properly and lace them upside down. Don’t forget to remove them sometimes to make the plants breath.

15. Sprouter


Sprinkling is a fast and easy way to supplement your diet with nutrients. Did you know that you could grow your own sprouts in a mason’s jar? It’s quick and fast. Also, It only takes about four days.

16. Plant Marker

If you are having a hard time finding out where you’ve planted your crops, then this idea of a plant marker in a mason jar is the perfect answer for you.

17. Hanging Chandelier


To make this astonishingly simple chandelier that can hang from tree branches, just use string to attach empty jars to a repurposed wire basket. For a finishing touch add colorful flowers.

18. Jar Decor

Whether it’s for a backyard relaxation or just to make your outdoor party space more fun, hanging Mason jars filled with tea lights with ribbons will energize the atmosphere greatly.

19. Planter Chair

Whether you place it on your patio or in your backyard, this funky planter that repurposes an old chair with mason jars, bottles, and tin cans will be quite the piece of statement.

20. Soil Test


Before planting something It is better to test the soil. Fill your Mason Jar halfway with soil and the other half with water. Observe the sand, clay and silt in your soil. This way you’ll know how much water and fertilizer you will need.


There we go. 20 amazing ideas and clever ways to use mason jars in your garden. You can use your imagination and create your own ways to use mason jars or try some of these great ways to use them.


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