6 Benefits Of Zinc Roofing That You Didn’t Know About


With a variety of different roofing materials available, it can become challenging to choose one that would elevate your outdoor aesthetic appearance and protect you from changing weather conditions. Metal roofing materials like zinc, copper, and steel are great choices when you want ultimate weather protection without breaking the bank.

Out of the metal roofing options, zinc is an environment-friendly material that has been used in architectural design for decades. The material can be molded into mesmerizing shapes and patterns that improve the visual appearance. As this article focuses on zinc roofing, here are 6 benefits of installing zinc roofing for your house that you might have not heard before. Without further delay, let’s begin. 

Structural Properties

Zinc becomes malleable when mixed with metal alloys. This ability to mold zinc into beautiful patterns and shapes is a unique roofing feature that only zinc can provide. Modern architectural designs like curves and domes can be easily crafted using zinc metal. Most metals lose their strength when they are reshaped or molded. However, the strength of zinc does not decrease when it is molded into different shapes. Zinc is a durable metal that makes it an appropriate choice to choose as a roofing material. You can experiment with different styles and textures until you decide on one for your home. 

Corrosion-resistant Roofing

Having a quality roof above your head ensures that you stay protected from changing weather conditions. The material you choose should be resistant to rust and corrosion. Zinc as a metal has the properties of being highly corrosion resistant against water, making it a great choice for homes that experience rainfall throughout the year or are constructed in high-moisture environments. 

Environment Friendly

Zinc is an environmentally friendly metal as it utilizes a lower amount of energy to be processed. The metal has a comparatively lower melting point than most metals and is recyclable, making it an ideal choice for roofing. It is best to evaluate the expenses of installing zinc roofing before you make up your mind. Knowing the costs can help in deciding the quality and dimensions of zinc roofing that would suit you the best. The metal has very low toxicity levels and can withstand changing weather conditions for decades. Transportation of zinc is also easier as it is lightweight and easy to handle during roofing installations. 

Self Repair

One distinct property of zinc that you might not have heard before is that the metal can self-heal over time. Wear and tear result in scratches or changes in the appearance of the zinc metal surface.

The top surface of zinc metal is always coated with hydroxyl carbonate that protects the surface from moisture, chemicals, and related corrosive agents. On top of that, the coating can easily self-repair, allowing it to maintain its shape and patterns without requiring repairs. 

Improved Aesthetics

Extreme durability, the ability to be molded into any structure, and its corrosion-resistant abilities make zinc the perfect choice for roofing with a unique style. Besides having the above features, zinc metal surfaces can also retain color, giving you the option to paint colorful designs and aesthetically pleasing patterns.

If you are confused about which pattern or style would look appealing on your roof, consider the environment surrounding your home and try to find options that can fit in perfectly without creating an amazing visual appearance. Getting help from architectural experts and designers is a nice option if you are confused about the style that would suit your home the best. 

Availability and Maintenance

Zinc is widely available as it fosters amazing properties like malleability, low melting point, and is corrosion-resistant. The material is highly recyclable, making it a sustainable choice when it comes to replacing worn-out roofs.

Zinc is available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and thicknesses that can be picked, depending on your requirements. Properly installed zinc roofs require minimum to no maintenance for many years.

Furthermore, the roofing is very easy to clean and only requires you to clean the accumulated debris. Maintenance of zinc roofing is minimum as the metal has the unique property of building a protective layer when it gets exposed to moisture. 

An alternative for zinc roofings includes copper but this material is comparatively expensive, can get oxidized, and fades in color when exposed to changing weather conditions. Another popular alternative is aluminum that is available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

The only downside of aluminum roofing is that it cannot be modified, and reshaped like zinc roofing. Zinc roofings are a sustainable choice that can survive extreme weather conditions for many decades without requiring repairs.

When compared to steel or concrete roofs, zinc roofing is the most sustainable option. Furthermore, the material is completely recyclable to be used again for similar projects. So these were some benefits of installing zinc roofing in your home. We hope that the information provided helps you understand zinc roofing if you are considering replacing or installing a new roof for your home.


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