What Gear Do You Need to Achieve Small Haircut Changes At Home?


It’s easier than ever to achieve a new hairstyle at home. No need for fancy tools or hours spent in the salon chair. All you need is a pair of sharp scissors, a comb, and some hairspray and you’re ready to go! The following are the basic steps for achieving different cuts with this simple kit. 

The bare necessities

Having a good home kit for hair maintenance can take you a long way. A good comb is healthier than a brush, as the brittles from a brush can damage your hair strands and break them apart.

A good pair of scissors will give you the power to cut hair evenly and not damage your hair while doing so, ordering your pair is typically cheaper than going to a barber or salon each time you want to refresh your hair. It can also help you build confidence to experiment more, and even maintain hair in-between cuts for the entire family.  Lastly, hairspray is needed for keeping your hair in place after you cut it and style it.

How to maintain a short haircut

A short hairstyle can be achieved with a buzzer clipper set, or you could even use electric shears. A good idea would be to start by using the clippers without any guard attached and to finish up with some scissors for the final touches. Cutting the hair evenly close to the skin will give you even easier maintenance in-between haircuts and will keep your hair looking clean and healthy. 

Using a guard-comb can ease your transition of length if you want to have a party in the front and business at the back. Sleek and unisex short styles can flatter men and women if they know how to wear them. The safest option is to get your hair done by a professional. Make sure you observe what they are doing and try to mimic their moves just for maintenance between the cuts. Be prepared to make mistakes and a shorter haircut if you mess things up as it is a learning process and you are not a professional. 

The graduation bob

This cut is a classic look that never goes out of style. Ask your stylist for a graduated bob, which means the back of your hair is slightly shorter than the front pieces. This way, it’ll sit beautifully on you and you can always go in for a little trim in-between your salon visits. It’s the perfect go-to for an everyday look that’ll always be in style and takes hardly any time or effort to achieve yourself at home. 

The layered bob

Layered bobs are often associated with carefree summer vibes, but there is no reason why you can’t rock this look in the colder season with a beanie! Long layers make it look like you’ve spent hours styling your hair, but actually, the only effort you have put in is cutting it. This style provides an option to go to the salon for a short trim every few weeks, or simply cut your hair at home for a play around. 

Long hair is the easiest to maintain

Yes, it can take time to use a curling or flat iron to achieve that desired look. But when it comes to combing or scissoring, even if and when you make a mistake, it is easier to hide or simply go get it professionally done. It will not change your complete appearance and there is room for error. 

There are a few techniques for you to learn before cutting your hair. By following tutorials, you’ll be able to cut your hair evenly and not end up with a haircut that doesn’t look great. It’s also important to practice on the person who is going to get the haircut next. Cutting someone else’s hair can help you become more confident and feel less intimidated by doing it yourself.

Cutting hair

To cut your hair, you need a good pair of scissors and a comb. Combing wet or dry hair with a wide-tooth comb can help detangle the knots within your locks. It is important not to use a brush as it will cause more damage than benefit for your follicles and strands of hair.

A few sections should be divided equally from front to back on top of your head before starting the haircut.  Start by cutting at an angle that’s close to the scalp, then gradually move up in length until you’re near the tips of your hair. Cutting layers into thin pieces at this point will give you freedom in styling later on.

For those who want some volume or curl, they can create the volume right at the crown of their head. A soft part can be drawn from ear to ear and everything between those two lines is fair game. Focus on cutting diagonal pieces that are going towards the face to create a nice frame for your face. Strands of hair should then be cut into small strips to curl them. 

It’s important to know that while cutting your hair can save some money, it will never be a substitute for going to the salon and letting someone else do all of the work. That being said, it is always better when done by yourself than not at all. But if you want expert advice, let a professional do it.


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