Tips To Consider Before Buying Expensive Sit-Stand Desk For Your Home Office


A sit-stand desk is an excellent way of improving productivity and focus during your day in a home office. The ability to change postures when using a sit-stand desk can also help improve your overall health. However, a sit-stand desk is not cheap, and you might want to know whether it is worth the investment. This article will learn the tips you need to consider before buying an expensive sit-stand desk for your home office.

Height Range

It is worth noting there are adjustable sit-stand desks and fixed sit-stand desks before purchasing one. Although the fixed sit-stand desks might seem convenient, they are not versatile like the adjustable solutions. Also, they won’t allow transition between standing and sitting throughout the day.  Keeping in mind that sitting all day or standing all day can be bad for your health, you should consider going for a sit-stand desk. This allows transition between sitting and standing to improve your health and productivity.

Also, when looking for a height-adjustable sit-stand desk, you should go for one that offers the appropriate height range for your height. Typically, it is advisable to go for sit-stand desks with a height range of around 22.6 inches to 48.7 inches. Considering that this height range can comfortably accommodate approximately 90% of the population, it is the best height range to go for if you share your home office with other family members or friends.


When going for an expensive sit-stand desk, you should first consider the square footage of your home office space to avoid the frustrations of the sit-stand desk failing to fit in your room. You should also consider how you intend to use the desk and the devices you plan to place on it.

For instance, you will need a smaller sit-stand desk if you use a laptop compared to using a desktop computer and a monitor. That means you will need to find the right balance between your office space and the tools you will put on your desk before deciding on the size of a sit-stand desk to go for. 


Some sit-stand desks are programmable and can be programmed using a button or connect to a browser or mobile application. Although programmability is more of a personal preference, you should consider going for a sit-stand desk that you can adjust easily.  

For instance, you can go for a desk that allows multiple heights programmability, such that even the family members and friends can easily set the height they saved in the memory. 

Weight Capacity

Before purchasing an expensive sit-stand desk, you will need to ensure it can hold the equipment you are planning to place on it. Considering that desks with higher weight capacity will be more expensive than their counterparts, you should consider the weight of the equipment you plan to place on them rather than going for one with the highest weight capacity.

For instance, you don’t need a desk that can hold 200 pounds if you plan to use a laptop in your home office. On the other hand, if you plan to use a printer, a desktop computer, and three full-size monitors, you should go for a desk with a higher weight capacity. However, it is advisable to go for a desk with a higher weight capacity than you need to give room for weight variations when changing office equipment.

Manual Vs Electric Operation

Some sit-stand desks use manual hand cranks, while others come with an electric or pneumatic lift that can help lower or lift the entire desktop. Although the method of operation will mainly depend on personal preference, it will have a significant effect on speed, ease of operation, and noise level. 


Before purchasing an expensive sit-stand desk, ask yourself whether you need it to work with privacy screens or specialized equipment. You can also ask yourself whether you want to match the aesthetics in your home office. With this in mind, you can choose a customizable sit-stand desk that can comply with the needs of your home office. 

Noise Level

It can be frustrating to purchase an expensive sit-stand desk only to make a distracting noise during operation. If your productivity depends on a quiet and calm environment, consider a sit-stand solution that features quiet operation.


The depth of a sit-stand desk is the front-to-back distance when facing the desk. It is advisable to go for a desk with a minimum depth of 30 inches to allow you to spread out your work. Keep in mind that sit-stand desks come with varying work surface shapes, and so you can choose one that meets your needs.


Considering that some sit-stand desks are electric and others manual, the speed of lowering or raising them varies. The speed of raising and lowering the desk is worth considering as the process can take significant time, especially if you keep on adjusting the work surface throughout the day.


Sit-stand solutions come in varying sizes, features, weight capacity, and so are their prices. Although you may want to go for a sit-stand desk with a high weight capacity and many advanced features such as programmable software and electric lifts, it is advisable to consider your budget. For example, if you’re on a tight budget, spending less on the top and more on the legs is advisable. You can also consider a smaller sit-stand desk with a manual operation.  


Although you may love the convenience of an electric sit-stand desk, you need to consider its power requirements before investing in one. For instance, you need to consider whether there is a power outlet in your home office and how much you are willing to spend on its power bills. If there is no electricity connection to your home office, or you are on a tight budget and don’t want additional power bills, consider going for a manual sit-stand desk.

Final Thoughts

Considering the comfort and health benefits of sit-stand desks, it is worth investing in one. Before investing in an expensive sit-stand desk, consider the above tips to understand your home office requirements. It is advisable to go for sit-stand desks with a higher weight capacity for convenience when changing office equipment.

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