4 Best Equipment For Professional Carpet Cleaning Services


Carpet cleaning services are now booming more than ever. With rugs and carpets back in style, many homeowners are installing carpets in their homes. This allows this niche market a giant customer base. So, how can one increase their business with the demand and competition growing neck-and-neck? The answer is simple: good-quality services.

Excellent service is the core ingredient for a recipe for guaranteed customer satisfaction, helping you succeed. Hence, investing in great equipment is essential. Here are a few must-haves! 

1. Vacuum Cleaner

The quintessential carpet cleaning product, a vacuum cleaner, is the first line of defence against a dirty rug. Most of your preliminary cleaning would require a vacuum cleaner. Therefore, it’ll be ideal for you to invest in a good one.

Look for a vacuum cleaner with an adjustable bar that allows you to use it on various carpets. Ensure that your cleaner has a HEPA-filtration system that efficiently removes pollen, fine dust particles and hair. It’ll be a bonus if your professional vacuum cleaner has a motorised brush too!

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2. Carpet Cleaner 

After the vacuum cleaner does the preliminary round of cleaning, we move on to our next product for deep cleaning. Carpet cleaners remove stains, dirt, and bacteria or fungi between the carpet hair. There are two types of carpet cleaners, and while often professional services use both, the customer can choose one. 

The dry cleaning machine removes stains and dirt effectively, restoring the natural colour of the carpet as the chemical solution breaks down the oily formation on the carpet’s surface. Since it doesn’t wet the carpet, it only takes an hour for your carpet to be ready again. Professionals can achieve complete stain removal with the help of this technique and product.

Steam cleaners are equally effective on dirty carpets. The carpet requires pre-spraying; any oily residue on the carpet needs to be removed beforehand to avoid the oil stains from reappearing. After the pre-treatment, the rug is then power washed with the steam cleaner, effectively removing all the grime. The treated carpet often takes 24 hours to dry completely. This product brings back the old shine of your carpet, making it look as good as new. 

If you are planning to provide only one of these cleaning techniques as a service, make sure to weigh the pros and cons. This will help you figure out which one would be the best for you and your clients. 

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3. Tile And Grout Cleaner

More than often, when a carpet cleaning company is called over, there is also a requirement for professional floor cleaning too. The grime and dirt seep from the carpet to the ground underneath, causing the area to be sticky and slimy. In addition, if the area is tiled, then the grooves in between each tile act as a reservoir of the dirt and dust from the carpet, making the area look filthy. 

A tile floor cleaner machine is an apt tool for this task. The high-pressure steam brings up all the grime from the surface. The cleaning solutions emulsify the grease, dust, etc., and the vacuum system sucks it in. It is an essential tool, as it prevents you from having to put your carpet back on the dirty ground. Hence, make sure you invest in a tile floor cleaner that lasts long. 

4. Scrubber

Air filtration systems for carpets are commonly known as scrubbers. These portable devices allow you to aerate the microfibers in the carpet, thus, ridding it of any harmful bacteria, residual dust particles, hair, and foul odour. 

You going the extra mile to not only deep clean their carpet but making sure that it’s odour-free will get you more than a 5-star review. 
Your carpet cleaning service is just one step away from reaching newer heights. Invest in better products that will enhance your service quality, leaving you with only happy customers.

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