How to Clean Your New Home Before Moving In?


The pleasant feelings experienced while moving into a new home cannot be described. It has to be felt and realized. However, there’s one important job to be completed before you move in. You will have to deep clean the house. It needs to be a comprehensive exercise leaving nothing out.

It has to be necessarily done before you move into the house. That’s because, once you take your things in, the cleaning won’t be possible in the way it has to be carried out. You have to prepare a checklist of what all you have to do. Each area, like the bathrooms, the kitchen, the bedrooms, and the living room, all have to be inspected and thoroughly cleaned.

If you move from one area to the other, you will be required to follow this order for the best results.


You can start with the bathrooms since they may be requiring some extra effort. Depending on the condition in which you find the house or the bathrooms to be precise, your cleaning effort has to be planned and executed. The toilets have to be thoroughly cleaned. Use some special cleaner to restore the toilets to as close to their original shape as possible.

The faucets have to be thoroughly cleaned as well as the taps. The cabinets should also be cleaned. You will then turn to the wall tiles and the bathroom floor. If there is an extractor fan in the bathroom, it will have to be cleaned too. It may require more intense cleaning since it might have accumulated a lot of dirt. Scrubbing will also have to be done wherever it’s required.


The kitchen in your new home has to be given extra attention. There are reasons for this. You would want to start with a clean and hygienic place to start cooking your meals. The kitchen is usually the area neglected as far as cleaning is concerned. Your checklist for deep cleaning the kitchen should include the oven, all other appliances like the refrigerator, the extractor hood, the cooking range, and whatever is there.

If there is a dishwasher, clean it thoroughly and run it without the crockery and cutlery as suggested by the manual. The kitchen cabinets have to be cleaned and fresh drawer mats spread. The kitchen sink, taps, and the areas around them must be deep cleaned. Your kitchen must look like its new.


In a bare room that has no furniture, the cleaning process may not demand much. If there are closets and dressers in the bedrooms, you will have to ensure they are fully dust-free and ready for fresh use.

The Floors

The cleaning of the floors throughout the new home may be the last you will undertake. Your other cleaning efforts could have left some dirt on the floors. If your new home has vinyl flooring, you must deep clean vinyl floors along with the other activities.

How to Clean the Vinyl Floors in Your New House?

If you are wondering how to deep clean vinyl floors, follow these steps:

  1. Clear the vinyl floor of all dust by either sweeping it or using a vacuum cleaner
  2. If you are using the vacuum cleaner, remember to remove the beater bar in the vacuum cleaner since it can leave scratches on the vinyl floor surface.
  3. The next step is the removal of scuff marks. The floor, particularly around and kitchen, dining and living room areas are most vulnerable to spills and other droppings of food. If the floor has not been immediately cleaned, they can gain these scuff marks. How you manage your footwear inside the house, particularly when coming from the outside, can contribute to the scuff marks too. For removing scuff marks, you should use a microfiber cloth moistened with water.
  4. Scrape off any other marks like paint by using a putty knife. It will not create any scratches but will remove the unyielding marks.
  5. Experts also recommend the use of baking soda to get rid of marks on your vinyl floor caused by inks ketchup or sauces and so on.
  6. Now your effort to clean your vinyl floors would have already yielded the desired results. However, to bring the gloss back, you must mop the floor. There are multiple suggestions on what you can use to mop the vinyl floor. These include vinegar, a mild detergent solution or a specialized vinyl floor cleaner that you picked from the store.

There are a few additional notes to ensure your exercise to clean your vinyl floors is not wasted. First, you must leave the vinyl floor dry after the mopping. You could use another dry mop to take out any moisture left. Next, you should make sure you do not use a steam mop on the vinyl flooring. It could leave the floor looking dull and can result in damage to the floor as well.

Other Areas

Now that you have finished cleaning the inside of your new home, you will move to the garage and see if it requires cleaning. If there is a cellar, like in the old buildings, you will have to clean that as well.

How about the surroundings? Is there a yard, a driveway, garden, or other such provisions around your new home? You will have to spare time to clean them all up as well.

If these are too much for you to handle and if you deem it fit, call in a professional cleaning agency to carry it out for you. There are service providers who offer deep cleaning services. They usually have a menu for you to choose from.

Last Word

It is not sufficient if you only learn how to clean your new home before moving in. You must be able to maintain the house well even after moving in. This is a regular and ongoing activity. Spare a few moments during weekends to clean key areas like the bathrooms, kitchen, and the floor. A little regular effort will ensure your house remains clean and hygienic and lasts longer.

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