Top 5 Best Room Designs for Comfort Studying


The mind requires peace and serenity whenever you want to engage it in a series of thinking, especially when involving books. Its surrounding environment needs to be vibrant and quiet to ensure you get the most out of it. The best way to use the mind is by ensuring to have a welcoming studying environment.

The designs listed below have incorporated the effect of the color of the room, the arrangement of light, storage space, and the design of the bookshelf.

A customized bookshelf

Modifying bookshelf between windows or walls gives you a lot of display and storage space. The view of the outside environment is great in ensuring you experience the peaceful swaying of trees and the clouds’ calm. The mind gets to relax and think amid studying.

Storing books on the study desk can be too much sometimes when you have so much to do. Ensuring you have a bookshelf on the corner of the room is key in helping to use space. Place your shelves right from the far end of the reading table to the wall’s reachable part.

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The Kate Spade design

This design focuses on color as the main theme of bringing vibrancy and comfort to mind. It has a white, black, and bright shade of pink colors in specific spots of the room. These colors improve on the mood of study by keeping you motivated to stay on the course. They bring out senses of inner peace, which leads to an increase in productivity.

Teenagers use this design but it is not limited to any age group. All you need to do is choose which parts of the room to illuminate with pinks like the drawers or boxes. Black can be on limited items and paint the wall white.

A monochromatic designed study room

Good furnishing should bring out a sense of character and charm to your study room. Getting the right furniture improves visual outlook, which is great for the mind to perceive a peaceful environment. Go for a smooth textured furnish that keeps the sense of touch linked to the brain’s ability to sense comfort.

The storage of books is ideal in the monochromatic design. This is a reversed form of book storage. This orderly arrangement is great in giving the mind a sense of calmness. Always try to hire professionals with architecture courses on their resume as they give you a deeper understanding of the benefits of this design.

A hidden study area

Everyone has a secret that they would not let anyone know and why not keep it in the study room. This decorating idea is perfect for secretive people who like to have their personal space respected. Placing it in an unused room that is far from people’s closeness is great in keeping it hidden.

You get to use any type of color, either bold or bland, in this setting, depending on what gives a peaceful sense of mind. When going for bold décor, ensure to keep the lights on for maximum illumination of light. It also helps in giving the room a sense of vibrancy. Arrangement of the bookshelves is in a vertical, horizontal, or a combination of the two.

The bohemian study design room

Creativity gives you a third eye in viewing things and it helps in dealing better with uncertainty. To maximize this ability, design your study space using the Bohemian study décor. It allows for the showing off a group of elements that you love to put on display. This might be an artwork, a photo album, or your lovely plants.

This exposes these creative pieces of art before your eyes. This is every time you get down studying and engaging the mind. This improves your thinking ability as the things to find joy are in the immediate environment.


Picking on the best study room designs is not a walkthrough but requires the consideration of various ideas. You might be very productive when the mind engages in vibrant or bold colors. These affect your attention and motivation and determines the amount of effort to put while studying.

The bookshelf design also helps give your mind a sense of orderliness, which is great in staying focused. Keep in mind that a healthy environment equals a productive mind.

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Jeremy Raynolds recently completed his master’s in management and now works for an FMCG multinational. Since his graduation days, he’s also been working as a part-time academic thesis and dissertation writer. In his free time, he loves to fly drones, watch NBA and NFL games and play with his four lovely dogs.

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