Things to Fix Before Selling a Home


You have finally decided to sell your house. When you look around, there are some repairs you need to do before putting your home on the market. If you are such a homeowner, you probably wonder how much maintenance you should do on your home. There is such a thing as too many repairs. How much should you spend on repairs? If you are looking to improve your resale value, then repairs are a must!

Here are some of the things that you should fix before selling a home:

Kitchen and Bathrooms

Buyers always look for houses that have been kept well and maintained. If you are looking to sell fast, make sure to check the kitchen and bathrooms for any repairs that you need to take care of. They have the highest likelihood of damage.

Make sure you fix any plumbing or electrical issues that you may have in these rooms. Pay particular attention to the sink and faucets, which are prone to leaks. Ensure that your fridge and cookers are functioning well. Fix any broken cabinets. Better yet, upgrade outdated kitchens and bathrooms.

Damaged Flooring

Flooring can make or break your resale value, so pay particular attention to any worn out or stained carpets. Consider installing new flooring. Ensure that you choose neutral colors to make your home more attractive. You can also replace carpet flooring with hardwood.

Hardwood has a much better aesthetic and will significantly increase your resale value. You may not believe how much a new flooring can give your house a face lift and make it have the “wow” factor that the buyers yearn for.

Water Stains

Water stains point out more in-depth issues within the house. They point out neglect and broken plumbing issues. Buyers pay particular importance to water stains. So before listing your home, fix any problem that results in water stains. You need to hire professionals to identify water penetration areas and fix them accordingly.

Faulty Electrical Wiring

Did you know that electrical problems result in over 51,000 electrical fires every year? This shows that faulty wiring and other electrical issues are a great concern that needs urgent attention. There are a myriad of solutions to the problems ranging from simple, inexpensive repairs to major, costly, whole-building rewiring projects.

Most of the time, the electrical fixes that you will need to do on your house as you sell it are minor tasks such as replacing missing wire nuts, faulty light switches and outlets (sockets), frayed cables, and damage to junction boxes, just to mention a few. You need to get a qualified technician and work with them to buy the various items required and fix them as may be necessary. Although not common, you may also need to adjust the circuit breaker if it does not meet your house’s amperage requirements.

Broken Window Panes

Intact window panes show the buyer that the house is in excellent condition. It also shows that the home is secure. Fixing window screens is also not that expensive. You may also need to fix window frames if there is a need for that.

Roof Problems

Buyers look closely at main areas like the roof where they check the age and condition as well as any damage. Financiers sometimes require the roof to be replaced as a pre-condition for financing. You may be unaware that replacing a roof that was in its last useful years could boost the buyer’s confidence in the property and influence them as they make an offer for the house.

Other problems with roofing are clogged storm gutters, which can cause the run-off from your house’s roof to return and accumulate along the edges. The impact of such water is damage to your wood and shingles and rotting of the wood that makes the fascia boards. You can also check other damages such as curled shingles due to elements like sun and damaged flashings around the vent openings.

Do you feel like all of the above repairs and fixes, and even more that we’ll discuss, are overwhelming, and you wish to avoid them? You can choose to sell your home as it is without fixing it to home flippers for a reasonable and fair value. You can navigate to this website to get in touch with leading home flippers and get good value for your home without the hassles of repairs.


The best thing with house paint repairs is that they are some of the cheapest repairs needed before a home sale. What’s more is that you can do the repainting work yourself even if you are not a professional. You can use the many videos available on the internet on the subject and learn as you practice how to do it.

Your choice of colors is of paramount importance when putting your house on the market. Light and neutral colors are preferred when prepping a home for sale because they tend to appeal to the majority of people. Keeping the house paint styling natural is critical since you are not sure who may walk in to view the property.

Since you must keep costs low, you do not have to repaint all of the rooms or the entire house. Focus on areas that need the repainting. Some of the rooms that can benefit a great deal from repainting include rooms with dark pain as well as chipped and dirty paints. You also need to remove any wallpaper before starting to show your house as this will help to keep its value high or even make it increase further. So, do away with any wallpaper since it date a property and cause it to sell for less.


As you work on the wiring issues, lighting is also a key repair to look into. The secret is that lighting makes even the smallest of houses appear more spacious and inviting. As you optimize the perception of space, you should make the most of the various lighting options available nowadays.

Furthermore, find more on the various lighting options for different spaces and check on a variety of affordable lighting options to replace the existing overhead and stand lights in your house. Take advantage of natural lighting by eliminating the heavy drapes, and in their place, have light-colored curtains that allow sunlight into the various rooms.


You must check that everything from the smallest things like a doorknob to the bigger items such as the main gate or the garage door functions as they should. While you do not have to get all-new items for the house to be attractive to prospective buyers, all of the functional aspects need to be in perfect working order so that your property fetches a high value. It takes only a few broken down or faulty things to make your property’s price reduce.

Dying lawns or front gardens

Dying laws and gardens can significantly affect your resale value. Dying lawns make a property look deserted and incredibly damaged. Invest in landscaping and resuscitate dying gardens. Look for DIY ways of restoring dying parks or gardens. The house’s exterior surrounding areas are what the buyers encounter first, so ensure they give the best first impression.

Before putting your house on the market, take some time to fix the various areas, especially those mentioned above. Do not be in a hurry to list the home. Improve its aesthetic to get a better resale value. Remember, buyers are looking for value for their money, so take your time and give them that value by doing all of the necessary repairs and replacements and you will also be happy with the offer they give you and the final amount you receive for your home.

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