Best Way to Replace a Glass Shower Doors with Bathtub


Spacing is an important factor when it comes to how we style and operate our bathrooms. A smaller space might require careful management of what our shower or tub might look like. Larger areas call for brainstorming on the types of items you would want in your bathroom.

Bathtubs and showers are some of the leading items for taking our bath in the bathroom. Without them, it would have been an arduous task to complete every day. Though bathtubs and showers might carry out the same function, their layout and style are quite different. A bath is excellent for use in a large bathroom where there is enough space to lay them down.

When you need to replace bathtub with shower enclosure

A bathtub provides many functions in the bathroom. But it gets to a time you no longer enjoy its functionality – it is time to replace it. Grim, spot, mold can cause a bathtub to no longer feel like yours. At such times, a replacement is inevitable for your comfort and health.

Every bathtub suffers from cracks, leaks, wear and tear if they have served for several years. Instead of trying to reglaze it, it’s time to seek other options. An option that costs less and can serve a more extended number of years.

Modern shower doors provide an opportunity to upgrade into something of a style that fits any layout. With modern shower doors, comfort is guaranteed in the long run because they are a lifestyle fit for anybody. They help manage spaces better than a bathtub with their standing position. A bench could be somewhere in the shower as well, which owners sit on, to scrub or shave.

Modern glass shower doors are cost-effective if you compare their pricing with installing a bathtub. Although bathtub provides higher value while trying to sell the house, they still need to function and be kept clean as a modern glass shower door. For price updates of shower door glass you can visit here.

Why glass shower doors are replacing bathtubs

Bathtubs became increasingly accessible during the ’60s to the ’90s as people began to seek out new ways of comfort. Home improvement took a significant expansion in that period and resulted in almost every home, having at least one bathtub.
Today, the tides have changed and a lot of advantages have seen people having more shower than tubs.

#1. Provide Flexibility in Purpose

Firstly, glass shower doors call for flexibility in purpose. They can get used as an outdoor bathroom, in beaches which a tub falls short off. It is achieved because showers are easy to install.

#2. Easy Installation

Shower doors are easy to install without spending the whole day doing it. A framed or frameless glass takes about 2-3 hours to install after measurements. Installing a bathtub can take all day.

#3. Non-Corrosive Nature of Glass

They are both made of different materials owing to the need to provide comfort in the bathroom. Glass is a less corrosive material than steel or aluminum that gets used to producing tubs.

#4. Wide Range of Cost

A cost is one factor where they both differ in a substantial margin. It can cost as much as $300 to $1000 to buy and install a framed or frameless glass door. And $1000-$3000 doors to get your new bathtub fixed.

#5. Easy Maintenance

Maintaining a glass is far more secure than scrubbing your tub. With just a light sponge and liquid, the glass is as good as new again. On the other hand, a tub will make you tire if it has been long, and the user washed it.

#6. Less Risk

It is riskier to suffer injuries from a tub than you would from a shower glass door. The number of bathroom-related accidents has significantly reduced since people started replacing bathtubs with shower.

#7. Long Lifespan

Tubs might outlive showers, but without careful maintenance, they might get damaged before their time.

Glass shower doors and curtains

In the past, bathtubs and showers came with curtains that contained materials that are dangerous to health. Many people saw the advantages of these items and installed them in the bathroom and shower. Today, one of its unique features is the reason many people are choosing shower doors over the bathtub – comfort, and style.

What are the two types of modern glass shower doors?

Frame and frameless shower doors are the two most popular ones out there. As their name implies, one is framed with glass and other comes frameless.

Different Kinds of framed and frameless shower doors

Framed and frameless shower doors can both come in clear, textured or opaque glasses. Clear glass is a highly expensive type of glass that mirrors everything in the bathroom. If you have items in your bathroom, you want to display like the tiles on the wall and floor, articles, etc. It is also used to reflect light into the bathroom.

Since there is no hardware attached to it, it makes the bathroom look more spacious. Clear glass is a higher feature for frameless glass showers; framed glass hardly comes with such functionality.

Opaque glass showers get used for privacy a lot for both types of glass.

Framed and frameless glass doors use different glass thicknesses.

For framed and frameless glass, they both use different glass thicknesses. The frameless glass might require a thicker glass that is sturdy and able to move around. Larger glass panels will need hinges, handles made of brass to power them open and close.

The framed glass, on the other hand, requires a glass of lesser thickness because of the designs. Some of the designs get made of different materials with less weight than glass.

Tempered glass is standard with framed and frameless glass door

For there to be less injury in the bathroom, tempered glass gets used for framed and frameless glass. Tempered glass offers more protection because it can withstand intense pressure like heat. But when accidentally break, it falls into tiny pieces that are less dangerous.

Customized framed and frameless glass shower door

Frames and frameless glass shower doors can be customized to match the shape of your shower. They can also be built to stand together with the height of the ceiling if you Wang more enclosure.

A Framed and frameless glass come in the same styles.

From sliding, Pivot, bi-fold, to the partial tub – Framed and frameless glass has got you covered. They come with different closing styles that it is so hard to keep count or name them. That is because they can get customized to whatever a user wants.

We just mentioned the most popular styles to enable users to pick.

Other reasons to pick glass showers doors over bathtubs are;

You hear of a few cases in a year where glass doors where the principal cause in an accident compared to tubs. They are very safe to use compared to what people might have, you think.

They are better for disabled and older adults who would find it hard using a bathtub for fear of Injury.

Glass doors also help maintain the temperature in your bathroom. Hot or cold, whichever way you prefer to get treated in your shower, they provide options for that. Through highly technical shower heads, a bathroom temperature can be maintained for a long time.

Steam showers are also used in a shower enclosure while maintaining the same temperature. We also find shower benches in case children need to take their bath.

What other options are there if not a glass door?

We have named quite a lot of benefits of using glass doors in different scenarios, although other options exist. Anyone could use a shower curtain or leave their bathroom door open. But what type of comfort would you derive from using such a style? Firstly, curtains are dangerous to health. Secondly, open showers remove that sense of privacy we usually have when we step into our bathrooms. Bathtubs with no door also provide a risk that someone might invade your privacy.

Why did we pick a Glass shower door?

Our choice bore down too few things and why we picked glass over tubs – they are;

#1. Robust Functionality

Shower doors are functional, that is why they can get customized to the user specification.

#2. Variety of Styles

Shower doors are highly efficient in the sense that you only get what you want from it. You can choose to go with style or enforce more privacy during purchase and installation.

#3. Safety

Compared to tubs, shower doors are far less dangerous. Using the right type of glass with no glass inclusions or lousy installation accidents happens less.

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