30 Comfy Built-in Window Seat Ideas & Designs


The comfortable feeling and the aesthetic view make these built-in windows seats non-resistible. If you have a place in your home where you can implement a built-in window seat, do it. Check out these.

30 Comfy Built-in Window Seats that will add beauty in your home

The best ideas are right here. Built-in window seats offer the best views and the best conversations. Don’t wait. Get these amazing built-in window seats and enjoy hanging around with your friends. 

1. The beach view seat

The beach view seat

If you have a beach house – one great idea is to make a built-in window seat. 


2. Mountain & ocean view

Mountain & ocean view

One of the best built-in windows seats are those with the best view. Make sure you build them in the best view possible. 


3. The sailor’s built-in window seat

The sailor’s built-in window seat

You can even create a theme for your built-in window seat. For example, this one has a sailor’s theme.


4. The hedge view

The hedge view

You don’t need a beach house or mountain house to have a beautiful built-in seat. This hedge view is also very beautiful.

5. The white seat

The white seat

You can have an amazing beautiful white built-in window seat in your home office. This can load some steam off.

6. The reader’s way of seating

The reader’s way of seating

Sit comfortable as long as you want on this built-in window seat. Where you can sit, relax, and read your favorite books.

7. Built-in drawers

Built-in drawers

When installing a built-in window seat… you can aim for a built-in with drawers. This can increase your storage. Here you can put your blankets and pillows for your built-in.

8. Built-in storage doors

Built-in storage doors

Chill with your best friend on this amazing built-in window seat. Where you can read books, drink coffee, and spend some quality time with your friends and family.

9. The perfect place for coffee

The perfect place for coffee

Enjoy your coffee on this amazing built-in window seat. Here, you can install some door drawers on the walls where the seat starts.

10. The little bedroom seat

The little bedroom seat

Seats in the corner can be pretty useful, but a great little built-in window seat will do much more. Now you can change your clothes to your new and beautiful built-in window seat.

11. Dining room seat

Dining room seat

You can save a lot of space in your dining room with this idea. Instead of buying chairs for all of the sides of the table… you can make one side as a built-in window seat.

12. The entry seat

The entry seat

Welcome your guests on this beautiful and ward built-in window seat. Here, they can take their load off and join you in your amazing home.

13. A different type

It doesn’t have to be like the other ones. It can be with leggings on the floor. Just look how great it looks.

14. Bay built-in window seat

Bay built-in window seat

Kids just love this. When you gather your family for a dinner, after the dinner kids tend to sit on the window seat and adults tend to sit on the table.

15. A restful place

A restful place

This is the place where you can sleep and rest all you want. Isn’t it great, to lay on that window seat and relax your mind from everything?

16. The irresistible window seat

The irresistible window seat

This is a big built-in window seat. Here you and your friends and family can gather for some quality time together. On the bottom, you can store your stuff in there.

17. Add a bed

Add a bed

Sometimes you can just fill a whole bed in there. And that’s a wonderful idea. Enjoy sitting or laying on your new window built-in and doing your relaxing work.

18. A simple one

A simple one

This is a simple idea of creating a built-in window seat. If you don’t like drawers and stuff you can just make it as easy as this photo below. 

19. The attic built-in

The attic built-in

This great built-in window seat that is in your attic will give you maximum relaxation. Chill all you want up here. You can play games on your phone, read a book, draw, and etc.

20. The hallway seat

The hallway seat

Enjoy the look of your neighborhood on this window seat. This truly is a relaxing place.

21. The corner window seat

The corner window seat

If you don’t have a lot of space for a built-in window seat. You can make one in the corner. The windows don’t have to be like in the picture, it can be as you like it to be. 

22. The decoration place

The decoration place

Having a built-in window seat is one thing, but having amazing decorations on it it’s another thing. When you make your window seat, take care of it. Decorate it.

23. The cupboard windows seat

The cupboard windows seat

I call this the cupboard seat because instead of just having a boor cupboard in the kids’ bedroom, you can have two little cupboards in the sides and on the middle, you can install a window seat.

24. Library window seat

Library window seat

In your library, add a windows seat. You can make this very comfortable and read your books in peace.

25. Aesthetic seat

Aesthetic seat

Have an aesthetic view with this beautiful window seat. Here you can install some drawers and put this window seat everywhere in the house.


26. Framed window seat

Framed window seat

If you have more space in your home you can add a resting place near the window. Add some pillows and cushions and enjoy your new relaxing place.

27. Window seat for your girls

Window seat for your girls

Create a beautiful window seat for your little girls. With a pillow and cushions, you can make the best part of the house. 

28. The wooden window seat

The wooden window seat

You don’t have to add cushions if you don’t like it. You can just make it wooden and get a pillow for your back. Also, you can get a fluffy blanket to be warmer.

29. The stairway window seat

The stairway window seat

Make your stairway better by adding a window seat. A comfortable and decorative way to express your creativeness.

30. Window seat in the living room

Window seat in the living room

Instead of buying two couches, you can buy one and add a window seat. It’s better and more beautiful.

Final Thoughts

Having a window seat is very great for your mind and spirit. A window seat can fill you up like nothing else. You just discovered the 30 best built-in window seats. Now you have an idea of what you want so the only thing that’s left now is… to install a window seat and enjoy relaxing on it.


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