20 Creative Craft Ideas and Projects With Jewelry (With Tutorials)


All women love jewelry. It is a way to make ourselves look prettier, and they come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. 

You can get various kinds of jewelry made from a number of different materials, and you can choose the one you want. But there are a lot more things that you can do with jewelry, other than just wearing them. 

All you need to make those are innovation and creativity, and of course, a fresh new perspective. To get started, you’ll need essential tools and materials.

Essential Jewelry Tools

Some of the best beginner tools for making jewelry according to Maun are side cutters for hard wire, round nose pliers for making ring bends, and flat nose pliers as a multi-use tool. Make sure to buy high-quality jewelry tools from a reputable company by reading customer reviews and ratings. Aside from essential jewelry tools, you also need to equip yourself with information about different jewelry craft projects.

Here are 20 jewelry ideas that you can implement into making DIY crafts in your home:

20 Craft Ideas with Jewelry

1. Safety Pin and Sequin Bracelet

Safety Pin and Sequin Bracelet

You can make amazing sequin bracelets using simple safety pins. They give a stripey look, and you can also use some metallic colors to add to the glaze. 


2. Neon Necklace

Neon Necklace

This is a piece of modern jewelry. You can get yourself a simple necklace, and then paint it with Neon color shades to give it a wonderful new look. This is easy to make and doesn’t even take too much time. 


3. Can Bracelet

Can Bracelet

If you have some empty steel cans at home, then you can easily fashion them into jewelry, especially bracelets. You just need to cut the cans into an arc and paint it to give it a new look. 


4. Spike Ring

Spike Ring

You can also make a spike ring using a black cloth and some small metallic teepees. This can be a wonderful and modern ring for millennials. 


5. Rose Gold Necklace

Rose Gold Necklace

You can also make a large rose gold bracelet with some black ribbon and some small cans, along with some paint. You can paint the cans, and then tie them up with the black ribbon, turning them into a wonderful new necklace. 


6. DIY Heart-Shaped rings

DIY Heart-Shaped rings

You can also make some shiny and shimmery heart shaped rings with some glitter, some flue and some plastic. This is not only pretty but also gives you a cool look. 


7. Tassels Earrings

Tassels Earrings

You can also make some amazing tassels earrings using some woolen strips, some small hooks and some glue. They look exquisite on young women, because of their modern approach. 


8. Leather Bracelets

Leather Bracelets

You can also make some amazing leather bracelets by cutting some strips of leather and painting new and exciting designs onto them. These are easy to make and involve a lot of personal creativity. 


9. Lace Bracelet

Lace Bracelet

You can also make some lace bracelets using a bit of lace, some glue and a string to hold them all together. You can paint on the bracelet as well, to give it a better appeal. 


10. Disco Earrings

Disco Earrings

You can also make yourself some disco earrings, using a few very simple ingredients. 

11. Woven Chain Bracelets

Woven Chain Bracelets

You can also make bracelets by weaving some small chains to ribbons. This is a unique style to make bracelets. 


12. Three Strand Bracelet

Three Strand Bracelet

This is a bracelet that you can make from tree strings. If you have some beads or old jewelry, you can bind it using some tree string, to create this wonderful bracelet.

13. Braided Beads

Braided Beads

You can also make a bracelet out of some braided beads. All you need for this bracelet are some beads, and some strings


14. Rope Bracelet

Rope Bracelet

You can also make a bracelet out of a simple piece of rope. All you need for this is some rope, some paint, and some ornaments, if you fancy attaching them to the bracelet. You can just tie them together, add some ornaments and some colors to the rope to transform it into a fabulous new bracelet. 


15. Studded Bracelets

Studded Bracelets

You can make some amazing new studded bracelets using some small studs that you can paste into your bracelet strips. You can also add in some glitter and color to make it look even more beautiful. 


16. Rope Braids

Rope Braids

You can also braid some ropes and turn them into amazing bracelets. You would only need some colored pieces of rope, some shiny ornaments if you want to include them and tie them into a braid to make a bracelet. 


17. Braided Cord Bracelets

Braided Cord Bracelets

For this, you would need three small pieces of rope, which you can tie in a triple braid, and you can have your bracelet. 


18. Tassel Bracelet

Tassel Bracelet

You can also add a few tassels to a chain and turn it to a wonderful new bracelet. You can make these tassels from tiny woolen strings, and tie a few of them to a chain, which you can wear like a bracelet. Try to go for multiple colored tassels. 


19. Leather Arrow Bracelet

Leather Arrow Bracelet

You can cut some arrow shapes into a piece of leather, and then paste it into a chain to form a leather arrow bracelet. 


20. Molded Metal Ring

Molded Metal Ring

You can melt and mold some metal into the shape of a ring, and you can also put a flower in front. 


Where To Draw Inspiration When Creating DIY Jewelry Crafts

In general, you can draw creative inspiration from a lot of subjects and things around you when creating fashion jewelry and other accessory crafts, such as the following: 

  • Nature: You can get creative jewelry ideas from the arrangement of flowers, leaves, and branches in your garden or parks. When you go to the beach, find inspiration from the sand, shells, and stones on the shoreline.  
  • Jewelry Designer Icons: Do you know some famous jewelry designer icons in the world? If not, why not search about their humble beginnings; you might be amazed that some of them also started with DIY creative crafts.


DIY jewellery is easy to make and is a lot of fun for people. They are also extremely relaxing, so you might wanna consider it. Spark your creative ideas and assemble personalized jewelry with the above creative craft projects.

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