30+ Creative DIY Fashion Ideas & Projects


Fashion is a very important aspect of today’s modern world. When the market is in continuous search of new fashion trends and ideas, we present in this article to you 30 DIY Fashion Ideas that are easy to pick and done by yourself to enhance your fashion. Give a try on these ideas yourself!


1. DIY Tassel Espadrille Sneakers

DIY Tassel Espadrille Sneakers


This DIY sneaker idea is so fashionable that you will definitely want to try this and add it to your fashion collection of footwear.


2. DIY Cool Pockets

DIY Cool Pockets



This project can enable you to add cool badass pockets to your clothing, be it a t-shirt or a jean or any clothing of your choice that you want to make yourself more fashionable.


3. DIY Fashionable Shoes

DIY Fashionable Shoes



If you have more than one or two pairs of the same old black shoes and do not know what to do with them, you could pick this project and turn one of your old black shoes into a more attractive and fashionable one.


4. DIY Leaf Earrings

DIY Leaf Earrings



This simple but yet very attractive DIY lead earrings are cool and will add value, creativity and fashion to your clothing any day.


5. DIY Colorful Fur Bags

DIY Colorful Fur Bags



This personalized Faux Far Bags are so colorful, cozy and fashionable to wear and will be a great DIY project to pick first from this list of DIY projects.


6. DIY Attractive Necklace

DIY Attractive Necklace



This DIY necklace uses some metal leaves and other metal scraps to construct a magical necklace that you can wear and aww others all the way.


7. DIY Christmas Lights Inspired Sneakers

DIY Christmas Lights Inspired Sneakers



These sneakers with multicolored dots can be built from a plain white pair of sneakers and is very fashionable and attractive to pick as a DIY project.


8. DIY Lace-Up Sandals

DIY Lace-Up Sandals



These sandals can be easily built using this DIY project and goes well to enhance the fashion of your footwear. They can be built in varying colors and are very attractive to say the least.


9. DIY Off the shoulder Dress


DIY Off the shoulder Dress

These stylish off the shoulder dresses can be easily made from some old Men’s shirts and are handy and stylish enough to wear as casual outwear.


10. DIY Side-Tie T-Shirt

DIY Side-Tie T-Shirt



This interesting DIY project can be used to convert one of your old boring T-shirt into a Side-Tie T-Shirt, which is very fashionable and attractive.


11. DIY Flip Flops with Friendship Bracelet Straps

DIY Flip Flops with Friendship Bracelet Straps



These multicolored and soft straps on your flip-flop can easily be made with some yarn and knitting by following the steps in this DIY project.


12. Pink Scalloped Hem Dress


Pink Scalloped Hem Dress


This beautiful Hem dress can be easily made by following this DIY project if you have enough tailoring skills as your asset to your side.

13. DIY Pom Pom Sandals

DIY Pom Pom Sandals




This colorful, simple and an all DIY project can be easily performed to create a pair of sandals that will be a superb addition to your fashion statement.


14. DIY Stylish in the Back Dress


DIY Stylish in the Back Dress

These beautiful dresses can be made from hand-made bows that are stitched to the back of the dress to create stylish and creative fashion that will really catch the eye.


15. DIY Beautiful Bag


This beautiful Bag can be constructed by yourself by using some old buttons on your old bag to turn into a magical piece.


16. DIY Beaded Pendant Necklace

DIY Beaded Pendant Necklace



This DIY project can be performed to build a beautiful necklace with beads all by yourself; the color of the necklace can be adjusted by varying the colors of the beads that are used to make the same.


17. DIY Tulip Wrap Skirt

DIY Tulip Wrap Skirt



This beautiful wrap skirt can be easily made in your hands by following the steps in this DIY project and will be a perfect fashion fit for you.

18. DIY Bow Scarf



DIY Bow Scarf


19. DIY Faux Button Back Tee

DIY Faux Button Back Tee



20. DIY Peplum T-Shirt

DIY Peplum T-Shirt





21. DIY Flower Hair Clips


DIY Flower Hair Clips


22. DIY Multicolored Necklaces



DIY Multicolored Necklaces



23. DIY Wrist Corsages


DIY Wrist Corsages



24. DIY Fashionable Tunic


DIY Fashionable Tunic



25. DIY Bold Fringe Necklace


DIY Bold Fringe Necklace



26. DIY Brass Fringe Earrings


DIY Brass Fringe Earrings



27. DIY Painted Bead Necklace


DIY Painted Bead Necklace



28. DIY Deco Dangly Earrings


DIY Deco Dangly Earrings



29. DIY Lace and Chambray Shorts


DIY Lace and Chambray Shorts



30. DIY No-Sew Turban Headband


DIY No-Sew Turban Headband



As already stated, Fashion is a very important aspect of today’s modern world. When the market is in continuous search of new fashion trends and ideas, these DIY projects are must do projects that you must try to keep yourself fashionable and to the trend.


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