20 Easy Makeup Tips Every Beginner Should Know


If you have just started putting on make-up or opened a parlor. These are the 20 easiest makeup tips that you must keep in your mind for better results of your effort.

20 Easy Makeup Tips Every Beginner Should Know

1. Correct order of skin care products


Don’t rush to do the make up without cleaning your face when waking up or coming from outside. Secondly, get a perfect routine for yourself where you can handle taking care of your skin.  


2. Start with your eyes first and then go forward



If you are not aware of the significance of eye makeup, then you don’t know the actual trick. You must always start with your eyes and then go forward. Don’t forget to use your foundation and concealer last.                                                                                       

3. Blot Away Excess Oil


Don’t apply your mascara randomly, make sure it is warm and is in good shape. Apply mascara smoothly.


4. DIY Eyeshadow Primer

Even if you are getting late, keep in mind you need a little bit of eyeshadow primer.



5. How to choose the right eye shadow brush


Keep in mind that decency comes with color combination, choose the finest brush for yourself, which you think will serve you perfectly. Don’t go for the stuff that doesn’t suit you.


6. How to wing eyeliner with tape method

If you desire to have a perfect wing on your eye, put a regular piece of tape in a manner that you develop the finest wing. The tape that comes in a roll and you just use it for wrapping envelopes or gifts. With the help of scotch or transparent tape, you can make your perfect eyeliner wing.


7. Eyeliner hack

There is another best trick to get a perfect wing. When you do your makeup before your foundation. Some of you make a messy wing, so to solve this problem you just used tap or makeup wipe to make a stunned wing for yourself.


8. Bobby pin eyeliner hack

Eyeliner is the trickiest part of makeup to apply. With just one eye open and the other closed, it’s very difficult for many of us to make a perfect eyeliner. So the best trick to make a better eyeliner, that is you must use a bobby pin on your eye when you apply the eyeliner. 


9. Magic eraser primer

If you are not good at making a perfect eyeliner or you just smudge it. Then the other best trick is to use a little bit of concealer on a cotton swab and apply it to neaten the extra eyeliner. You can also use it on the eyebrows as well, this trick is very helpful for beginners.

10. And if you have absolutely zero wing skills, practice every night to get better.

If you just want to get perfect wing skills or want to apply it perfectly, then firstly you must have to practice it again and again at night before you wash your face. Because everyone knows that (practice makes a man perfect). Eyeliner is important in our beauty routine. So you just do it each night in front of the mirror to get the better skills of wing.


11. When you’re buying a new foundation, you must be sure of your skin tone.

If we are talking about foundation, it is really hard to imagine your life without foundation.  When you are buying a new foundation you must be sure of your skin tone. You always buy the foundation that looks the most natural. So these things mean a lot when you buy foundation.


12. If you want to look pretty, you must be sure that you are contouring the right way of your face shape.

If you are not applying it correctly your face tone will not come as you wish for it to display. 

13. Creating the best skin tone and shaping your face is an art itself.

Contouring needs more attention than most women give.

14. The shape of the under eye concealer must be in a wide triangle, not making it a wide triangle will display you as a sleepy person.


15. Conceal your dark circles using the right concealer colors

Sometimes the concealer isn’t enough to cover up your dark circles, you are advised to try out color correctors beneath your foundation.

16. Color correcting concealers

If not dark circles the redness and yellowness of the foundation can also look untidy. You can use color correctors in that situation.

17. Use a clean mascara wand to quickly brush off any mascara flakes that may have popped up post-eyeshadow.

Clean your mascara wand before applying on your eyelashes, to give them a perfect shape.


18. Sweep loose power through the lashes before mascara for thicker lashes

If you are talking about the perfect lashes, don’t forget to put on a layer of powder to make your lashes thicker.


19. Firstly, avoid putting lipsticks on your teeth, if accidently you do it, use a finger to rub it off your teeth.



20. The most important thing you need to understand is that if one product isn’t fulfilling your requirement and isn’t providing much comfort, just return it to the store.




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