DIY Sunglasses Makeovers


Sunglasses are a popular summer accessory and most people definitely own at least a pair. While the stock sunglasses purchased from a store are also quite fashionable; there are certain techniques and DIY tips which can enhance their aesthetic and make them even more attractive.

Sunglasses are usually simple and come with a plain jet black frame without any quirky element. All of this can change using a few DIY techniques that enable you to personalize these shades as per your preference.

One benefit DIY techniques offer overstock sunglasses is that you can customize them to reflect your personality and amplify your style; something that is impossible for the latter group of shades.

There are numerous ways in which you can accessorize and remodel your shade, and a lot of elements that you may use. There is no dearth of creativity in innovation.

However, since we can’t list them all; here are just a few methods to remodel an old pair of sunglasses to give it renewed appearance.

1. Shades of Couture Juicy Couture Indie


Reimagine your old pair of sunglasses with a touch of nail-polish and watch it radiate an unmistakable retro vibe.

2. DIY Rhinestone Sunnies


The frame of your glasses can be ingrained with rhinestones that dazzle with the playful rays of sun. It is the perfect accompaniment to the jet black frame.

3. Polka Dot Sunglasses


Polka dots are a funky element and a goofy design that is used on different accessories. So why not try them on an old pair of sunglasses and make them more fun.

4. Colorpop Sunglasses


Break the tedium of black sunglasses and challenge the norm by sporting bright, colorful frames. You can also go the extra mile by getting the lens tinted into an unusual color too.

5. Lace Sunnies


Lace is an unusual fabric to accessorize your sunglasses. And that’s all the more reason to give this DIY whirl. Push the boundaries of your fashion sense and enter into a territory of the little explored.

6. Glitter Sunglasses

Glitter Sunglasses


Sprinkle glitter luxuriously all over the frame of your glasses to completely modify them into an impressive fashion statement. Glitter sunglasses are usually worn by supermodels and this is your chance to follow this DIY and look just as glamorous.

7. DIY Painted Sunglasses

DIY Painted Sunglasses


Give your favorite shades a touch of your favorite color. The amount and volume is up to your discretion. Whether you want to go for a minimalistic look, or go overboard with multicolor splashes; this DIY enables you to get as creative as your mind would allow you to be.

8. DIY Bejeweled Glasses

DIY Bejeweled Glasses


Go all out in your pursuit for the ultimate accessory. This brilliance of these bejeweled DIY shades is sure to leave the onlookers blind and stunned.

9. Miu Miu Inspired Sunnies

Miu Miu Inspired Sunnies


Give the lens of your old shades a unique coating to transform them into a renewed accessory. Follow the step by step procedure exactly as illustrated in the above picture and it’s very unlikely you would go wrong.

10. Flag Frames

Flag Frames

There is no better way to display your patriotism and showcase your love for your country than to sport a sunglass bearing its flag. Use a sharpie to help you draw the perfect flag over the frames of old shades you wish to redesign.

11. DIY Floral Glasses

DIY Floral Glasses


Floral patterns can go well with just about anything, and sunglasses are no exception to this statement. 3-D flower figurines may be cut and painted over the rims of your glasses to make them more noticeable.

12. DIY Sparkly Cat Eye Sunglasses

DIY Sparkly Cat Eye Sunglasses


If things that glitter and sparkle entice you, then you will absolutely adore this DIY makeover. Make prominent your flashy side with the help of sparkly cat eye sunglasses.

13. DIY Embellished Glasses

DIY Embellished Glasses


You will hardly recognize your sunglasses once you’ve subjected them to this DIY technique. The results impart a bling and rich effect to your old glasses.

14. Studded Designed Rhinestone Sunnies

Studded Designed Rhinestone Sunnies


Instead of the basic and minimalistic rhinestone addition; you can go a bit crazier and let your creativity run loose by infusing heavier rhinestone designs on your old glasses for maximum appeal.

15. DIY Embellished Retro Sunglasses

DIY Embellished Retro Sunglasses


Bring back the popular retro vibes from the 80s by following the above steps to create a gorgeous retro accessory that is sure to be appreciated by the envious onlookers.

16. Quick & Easy Restyle of Old Sunglasses

Quick & Easy Restyle of Old Sunglasses

If you believe that simplicity is key and you appreciate minimalism, then you might find this DIY appealing. Glue a small plastic design around the rim of your old glasses to recreate this extremely easy DIY.

17. DIY Glitter Sunglasses for Music Festival

DIY Glitter Sunglasses for Music Festival


If you are in attendance of a music festival then there is no better way to leave a lasting impression among the audience than by recreating one of these types of sunglasses. It’s incredibly stylish and beautiful to look at.

18. DIY Stripe Shades

DIY Stripe Shades


Stripes are an irreplaceable aesthetic trend for some people, and if you’re one of them, then this DIY might just tickle your fancy.

19. DIY Embroidered Sunglasses

DIY Embroidered Sunglasses


Embroidered sunglasses are all the rage in the current fashion scene.

20. DIY Fully Floral Sunglasses

DIY Fully Floral Sunglasses


Spoil yourself with an absolutely stunning and extravagant piece of eyewear such as this.

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