20 Clever Cheat Sheets Every Home Cook Should Know About


The cooks aren’t aware of many of the hacks to make a dish more fruitful. Eating tasty food is the wish of almost every individual. So, in order to do that, follow a cheat sheet which your cook can follow.

Following the sheet will trigger him/her to utilize the ingredients properly. You and the cook both will cherish this article. Here are the 20 cheat sheets every home cook should know;


1. In order to eat pasta

In some pasta recipes we use egg as an ingredient in it. Eggy noodle is greatly paired with some wonderfully cheese and creamy sauce. When we think about making pasta, then we pair pasta and sauce for the great combination.




2. If you don’t want meat on Monday. 

Monday must be the healthiest day with some high protein and are plant- based foods which we are craving for. Protein is an important or essential function which we must acquire for our good health. Beans are the best protein which is good for our health.



3. If you want to have quick conversions

A Measurement cheat sheet is the best way before making any recipe. It is difficult to make or measure anything without a kitchen cheat sheet.



4. For figuring out the Instant Pot.

You must have posted your original printable instant pot ‘cheat sheet’ in your kitchen. You are going to have fun when you know your daily routine by using this instant pot ‘cheat sheet’.



5. For all the chicken lovers

If a person wants to have chicken for dinner, there is no doubt that he wants it cooked in the finest manner. Chicken can be cooked in multiple ways, your cook needs to follow the best one.



6. For Crock Pot connoisseurs.


If you want to know some quick conversions in your kitchen, just make and follow a particular chart for it.


7. You can certainly switch to the salad

For all the salad lovers, the good news is that this chart can let you have the best out of the kitchen. You can follow the chart to experiment and make different types of salad in no time. your cook certainly needs to have a look at this.



8. You can make foolproof dressings.

Sometimes you have guests at your home, at that particular time you want taste plus good dressing. In order to do that, just follow the chart to get the best and quick dressings to impress the guest at your place.



9. This is for all the meat eaters.

If you are a meat lover, you need to tell your cook to follow the chart. If the cook follows the chart, he will surely put the right meat chunk at the right place. Plus, the cook will know about the different types of meat available in the kitchen. 



10. To tackle pantry problems

If you have kids at your place, then this chart must be in your kitchen. The pantry chart will help your cook tackle all the problems while making pastries for your little kids.



11. For egg eaters

If you love eating eggs, you can certainly follow this sheet to make a good use of the eggs at your home. Eggs when cooked well, give protein and relief at the same time.



12. Know about the different onions available in the market and at home

Every vegetable is distinctive from the other, same is the case for onions. There are sweet, red, white and other onions, but you need to know which one is used where. Without having a clue about that, the dishes are surely going to waste.



13. Things that you can substitute for baking 

Most of the time, you are not in the mode of baking. In this situation, just follow the substitution chart and make things without baking. 


14. You might also have herbs, store and use them properly

Herbs are the finest of the eatables available in the market. Herbs are essential for your better health, so learn how to store and use them accordingly, it will enhance their advantages.



15. There are different types of oil in the kitchen.

Without oil, almost every dish is impossible. So, your cook needs to know the use of every oil. Tell the cook about the different types of oil, so the dishes come out with a special taste. 



16. The individuals who want to eat green

There is a list of green vegetables in the world, every one of them is special. Just maintain a chart of the vegetables which your cook will then know how to use. 



17. Turn the greens into tasty dishes.

A lot of people don’t like eating green vegetables. For them, you can turn the greens into tasty dishes so they also cherish the advantages of them. Follow the chart to make tasteful dishes out of green leaves.



18. Make pancakes from two ingredients 

If you have only two ingredients available in your kitchen for pancakes, try these;



19. If you want to have a cozy night 

This chart is for the cozy night lovers, follow the chart to attain all the desires 



20. The one pot-pasta chart

Pasta is the all-time favorite of every person, so if you want one pot-pasta, follow this chart. 



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