7 Tips to Choose the Best Removalist Company in Melbourne


Moving to a new city or a new area within your city is exciting! You get to meet new people, new cultures and learn from new experiences. While it’s good in multiple ways, the shifting of furnishings, appliances, etc., can be a very daunting task.  If you want to move from or to Melbourne, then choosing a professional removalist in Melbourne can be a great idea. 

To ensure your precious materials are in good hands, we are here with 7 tips to make the choice easier for you!

7 Tips to Choose a Shifting Company 

Below are 7 practical tips we think can help you reach the best decision. 

1. Reviews and track record 

Like online shopping, you need to check track records and reviews of the companies you are considering. People would leave comments on social media if they had a good or a terrible experience. You can use those reviews to see the good, the bad, and the ugly side of a removalist firm. You can also get tips that you otherwise wouldn’t know of. 

They should have years of experience ideally and should have strong recommendations. The recommendations should include fair rates, time management, and good handling of objects. If you don’t see strong recommendations and reviews, skip that firm and move on to the next. 

2. Know the average cost in the region 

As you are browsing online for suitable matches, knowing the average cost can greatly help. The cost will depend on multiple factors like how big your house is, the number of rooms, what kind of furnisher you own and how much? How many people do you require, and for how long? How far is the new house? Etc. 

Depending on these factors, the cost will vary but make sure you know the average cost in the market to avoid being overcharged. 

In Melbourne, if you shift from a 1 bedroom studio apartment and it takes 2 men, 2-4 hours to move your valuables, then you can expect a cost of $325 to $585 (including GST and travel cost). 

3. Expertise

A removalist is meant to shift objects from one place to another. If they don’t know how to carefully handle materials, then the very point of hiring a company is lost. So while you are out hunting for the right firm, ask them about their expertise and training. 

Ask them if they can handle the furnisher well? Do they have special protocols for glassware? What packing materials do they use, and how do they make sure everything is shifted on time? What safety measures are used to prevent injury? What equipment is utilized? 

4. Ask around 

While reviews are great ways to find out the reality of a company, asking close friends and family for suggestions can be a great idea. The people who are close to you will not only know your needs better but are trustworthy sources of information. 

Ask them about their journey and how they choose the best service. Make sure to ask your friends in the city as they will know the services available to you.  

5. Look into their insurance policies

The reimbursement policies are very important as in case your furnisher or any other belonging is damaged or lost, the company should pay the cost. The extent to which they compensate will depend on their policies, and that is what you should thoroughly investigate. 

Some companies in Melbourne do not take responsibility for certain fragile objects like TVs. TV sets need to be in their original packing for safe transit, and if you choose different packaging, you won’t be covered by insurance against damage. 

A harsh reality is that many companies are not fully insured; therefore, having insurance of your own or making sure the insurance policies of the removalists align with your needs becomes very important. 

6. Check their License 

To avoid fraud and damage to your valuables, it’s important that you check the license of the removalist. This step is important because you are prone to fraud, damage, and loss if you hire a random service without a license. 

To prevent that, it’s essential that you check the service’s license and make sure the information they provide is legitimate. Check if the company has acquired a license to operate the vehicle they are using for delivery. 

You can also see if they have acquired accreditation from the Australian Furniture Removers Association. 

7. Extra services and security

Every client is unique and requires a different level of service. Therefore, you should check if the company you are considering values your opinions and is cooperative. You should also see if they have extra services to cater to your unique needs. 

Check their packages to see if they deliver extra services and if there are separate services you can add to your package. You should look at the special services that set the company apart, as it shows the competency and innovation in their work. 

Let’s take the example of Instamove.  The company follows strict Covid-19 regulations, has vaccinated staff, hygiene kits, and safely carries your valuables with Covid-19 protocols in mind. 

Another thing to consider is the security features and how the company ensures your valuables are safely delivered to you. 

Like the MFr services, some companies in Melbourne conduct background checks on their employees to make sure the products are in safe hands. 


This article discussed 7 useful tips that can help you choose the right removalist company in Melbourne. The first thing to start from is knowing the cost in the market and then comparing them with available options. You might choose one that fits your budget, but they may not be very experienced, so make sure to find the right balance of cost and quality work. 

Read reviews and ask your friends, so you have a list of good options. Once that’s done, check their insurance rules, license, and whether they are accredited by the Australian Furniture Removers Association or not. 

Next, look into their expertise, track records, and how many years they have served in the market. Lastly, look into their unique selling points and what makes one better than others. Also, try to understand if they can serve your special needs and how innovative they are with their work.


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