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For a couple, a pregnancy test showing positive is the best news that they can get. However, as the gestation period progresses, the parents should make some arrangements to welcome their baby. Buying things such as a baby blanket is very necessary.

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Many couples get carried away by the excitement of being parents, and they end up overlooking the responsibilities that await them. A baby has many needs, and so does the matter during the nursing period.

However, since this is a new being in this strange world, they require proper care to adapt and grow. There are many adjustments that a couple will have to make, and the first one is preparing a nursing room for the baby. Despite what people prioritize in terms of the decorations, what should be in that room?

The Primary Needs of a Newborn Baby

There is a list of essentials that a baby should have to have a comfortable life. Whether they are gifts from friends and family, or you decide to do the shopping yourself, these cannot miss on your must-have baby checklist.

Items for Feeding

When it comes to dining matters, a mother should have a couple of items to feed the child comfortably. They include several bids, breast pumps and pads, nursing pillow and bras, burp cloths, storage containers for milk, and a solution for sore nipples.


We all know there are particular clothes for kids, so be wise when shopping for your incoming baby. The clothes to get are a couple of nightgowns, cardigans, pants, undershirts, baby hats, bunting bags, socks, stretchy slippers, scratch mittens, special outfits, and laundry detergent to wash those clothes.

Bathing Apparatus

There should be special care when bathing an infant, considering something like the temperature of the water and soap that you are using. The things to get for this department include an infant tub (plastic), baby soap, soft-hooded towels, washcloths, and a soft-bristled hairbrush for babies.

Diapering Services

A baby will need your help after they finish helping themselves. The items that you should have with you include diapers for newborns (disposable or reusable), baby ointment, changing pad, disposable wipes, or washcloths.


For your baby to enjoy goodnight sleep, you need to ensure that they are comfortable and warm enough to get enough sleep; after all, they need rest. The beddings should comprise a baby crib, a crib mattress, sleep sack, several crib sheets, fitting light blankets, big cotton blankets, and receiving blankets. That’s tons of baby blankets; ensure you get the best nursing cover.

Other Considerations

There are plenty of other items that you should consider getting that will help you out in the journey of raising your baby. These items include a stroller, bulb syringe, medication, baby car seat, nail clippers, baby thermometer and monitor, diaper bag, pacifiers, and a baby carrier.

The Baby Blanket Considerations

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Now that we have previously learned that we have a couple of different blankets to get, how about we know more about them? A toddler requires additional selections in his/her infant life, and each of them has a specific purpose. The following is the classification;

Receiving Blankets

These choices are to do pretty much everything, either carry the infant around, prevent spit from flashing away, or place the baby at a particular place. They are usually straightforward, lightweight, and have a small baby blanket size.

Swaddle Blankets

They are to wrap up the baby, especially if yours is the type that’s always restless. They have fasteners, which will help the swaddling faster and sufficient to ensure the infant is intact.

Security Blankets

As the name suggests, this baby milestone blanket is to make the toddler feel comfortable. They usually have an animal attached to them that provides that security sense. Note that babies might develop attachments to these.

Crib Blankets

They belong in the crib. These are more of the style and comfort, but shouldn’t be there when the child is asleep. They are meant for decoration purposes to give the crib a good look. If you ask when can a baby sleep with a blanket, then a year old is okay since they are at less risk of suffocation.

Stroller Blankets

Strollers might be clumsy, or the atmosphere outside might be uncomfortable for a child. Getting one for your infant will ensure that they can see the world around at ease.

Fleece Blankets

The unique feature of fleece is that they are 100% polyester. Since these are synthetic, they can absorb liquid from the child’s sweat, which provides comfort and a good breathing atmosphere.

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Cotton Blankets

These are relatively affordable and offer quite a several benefits. They are soft, can easily be maintained, you can comfortably iron them after washing, they are quite strong, and like the fleece ones, they can absorb liquid.

Crochet Blankets

An easy baby blanket crochet uses soft yarns; these selections are comfortable and light for a baby. The air holes in a crochet baby blanket enable fresh air to go through, although they are best for summer since they can allow cold to get to the toddler.

Sleep Sack

For you to decrease the risk of SIDS, sleep sacks are wearable blanket baby uses as alternatives since this modern concept is safer, unlike standard choices. You have to tuck the infant in the bag, and they’ll be good to go while others can cause suffocation if the baby rolls over.

Flannel Blankets

With a combo of cotton and silk, these fancy looking ones are unique in the different designs that they come in.

Thermal Blankets

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If you want your toddler to nap comfortably during summer afternoons, getting these light ones will guarantee sound sleep.

Considerations During Purchase

Other than the design, color, and finishes, the primary consideration when getting a granny square baby blanket is the size and material. It would help if you considered the two to make the perfect pick for your toddler.


As for the material, ensure that regardless of the fabric used, they will be breathable, light, soft, and quick to laundry. The best options would be cotton, wool, or an easy crochet baby blanket.

Baby Blanket Sizes

The moderate baby blanket dimensions should be 34 x 46 in. however, there are specific measurements for different kids;

  1. Receiving blanket – 18 x 18 in, to 36 x 36 in
  2. Swaddle blanket – 40 x 40 in, to 48 x 48 in
  3. Crib blanket – 36 x 54 in, to 45 – 60 in
  4. Crochet blanket – 30 x 40 in
  5. Toddler blanket for newborn – 30 x 30 in.

It is important to note that toddlers grow at a fast rate, and these dimensions might change depending on the size of your toddler, so be ready to get other ones when need be. Nonetheless, you can decide to make a handmade one. It is best if you got the right dimensions and the best yarn for a baby blanket. The general size can also be affected by the size of the crib or crib mattress.


Your baby deserves all the love and affection that she/he can get from the parents, and an excellent place to begin is by getting them a good one. Ensure that you put all the considerations in mind before you opt for one. It is also useful to use each for its specific function unless it’s a multi-purpose one.

Do you have a toddler? Which baby blanket did you get for them? What was the size? Leave a comment.

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